An Urgent Plea to the Unafflicted: Reduce Environmental Toxins

An Urgent Plea to the Unafflicted: Reduce Environmental ToxinsI realize that I write much about MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome) and most of my readers are those who have the disease active in their lives. It’s easy to note that two schools of reactions occur for most people. One is fear, avoidance, and deep distancing. These are the people who read and think, “Wow, I’m truly sorry, Raven, what’s happening to you, but I gotta keep rolling on doing it the way I do. Good luck and God bless.” The idea is it’s happening out there, at a distance, and it’s not going to happen to me, oh no.


The other reaction that occurs is, “Wow, I didn’t know. Tell me a bit more. You know, I too can’t be near perfume and strong laundry soaps, and my friend struggles with pesticides in the summer. Is this what you’re talking about?’ I’ll respond, ‘Yes, it is. It’s the beginning of the liver-immune-detox-neuro systems’ descent into MCS, and here’s what you can do now to heal before it gets too bad.”

some people who are sick

“Cool, thanks Raven!” and off that person goes, a bit clearer in terms of their health with maybe some slight life changes.

The sad thing is, there’s no gritty, let’s-get-real-to-the-point-of-true-change conversations happening. In the MCS community we talk and share tons of info, but when I hear others falling down the well of autoimmune disaster say, “I use All Free and Clear and it doesn’t bother me” or “I still highlight my hair with commercial dyes and I’m dying” or “I live in mold and feel terrible but—”, I cringe.


Soaking in petroleum-based carcinogenic laundry soaps that:

  • yes, are loaded with synthetic, petro-based fragrance, and
  • other ingredients like crude oil,
  • sulfates,
  • benzenes, etc.


  • using ammonia,
  • petro-based dyes,
  • metallically stabilized peroxide lighteners
  • other heavy metal, hostile-based carcinogens

on the pores of flesh over your brain, or those who continue to absorb heavy loads of neurotoxic molds that are destroying their:

  • immune system,
  • cardiovascular system,
  • mind,
  • cognition,
  • memory function,
  • emotional capacity to cope,
  • etc.

canadian mcs

I’m just not certain how to have a gritty, let’s-peel-the-**** back conversation. Even with other sufferers, I oftentimes feel as if I’m talking into the wind, unable to reach into the truth and say, “Dudes, let’s really have a look here!’

Being a person sitting at the end of the road with this disorder sucks. It’s lonely, it’s perilous, and it’s fraught with such fear and anxiety and for me. I have a drive and a desire to shout out the truth and the reality which I confront every day, but so does every soul on this planet. Every sentient being is, in some way, dealing with being in a poisoned, toxic life, and the majority are as complacent and apathetic as we’ve been in every historical battle.

breaking bad mask

The idea is, “It’s not happening to me, so what can I do? The truth is, it is happening to you, to your children, your grandchildren—your life. In volumes through the products you buy, foods you eat, the clothes you wear, the homes you choose to purchase, the chemtrailed skies, the bottled and city waters, and so on and on and on. You are being attacked daily and you are absolutely agreeing to have this happen in your life by making choices without thought and consideration.

What’s so sad for me is that I write and few read. Fewer share and none ask me, ‘Raven, what can I do in my life to make changes?’ I have had a gorgeous sister friend that I adore finally give up perfume, cologne. and body sprays and that’s beautiful. For me, for all who suffer MCS—for you: I thank you. Also, a young mother who is opting out on harmful vaccines for her baby after mega research. Other than that—silence. Carrying on as they were.

I tell my daughter to use her life and her experiences to make change happen in the lives of others. To cultivate her self empowerment from the traumas she has suffered and go be the voice of change. Yet, I share and it isn’t changing the thinking or even eliciting a read or deep ponderance on the subject. Yet, I will not stop. If I do, my journey will be for naught, and I won’t silence the voice of the future.

together meme

So, today I will add in a pictorial collage of the dark side of our toxic world. It is not just for people with MCS happening in their bodies, but also for those who live in places so polluted, so sick and poisoned, that fresh air is a long-ago dream, with clean foods and purified waters. This, my friends, is our future. Our giving to our children and what they will inherit from our narrow thinking, apathetic, mindset, and long-armed desire for our personal comfort born from a laziness within that we choose not to squelch. Have a look…

mask compilation

Please comment, and ask your friends to share. It’s not for me. It’s for those of you who are slightly bothered by chemicals and those who are not yet harmed by them at all. You can make a difference. Perhaps you’ll be brave enough to ask me how. I will tell you then.

May is MCS Awareness month….

With care~

Raven Galarza de Gold

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Raven Galarza de Gold was born in Chicago, IL and has been grappling with Environmental Illness (EI) for over 45 years from the tender age of 9. Now unable to live freely in populated areas, Raven lives quietly on 40 acres in the remote Arizona desert raising chickens, quail, and kunekune pigs; breeding her prized Great Pyrenees dogs; building a cob house, self-sustaining garden, and small homestead. Raven was an artist and designer before becoming more severely chemically and electrically injured, so she has now turned paintbrush to pen writing and teaching about MCS and other important matters from her heart. She is the mother of one and beaming grandmother of three little ones.


  1. I also have MCS. I am not sure which is worse: the number of new chemical toxicants being marketed without information or warnings about their toxic effects (such as Febreze being added to many products) or the people who insist that my reactions are caused by anxiety about chemicals. If it were just anxiety, meditating would take away my reactions. As if.

  2. Thank you for writing and persevering in the fight to save life on this planet. I am also dismayed at the amount of magical thinking that goes on with those who think they have some magical ability to ingest and inhale toxins with no effect. Yet they are affected, their ever expanding waistlines, their ever growing prescription lists, the staggering healthcare costs show that they too, are sickened by this chemical war being waged on us. We have been conditioned not to comment on people’s smell choices, and also have been brainwashed to believe that it is either this chemical orgy, or we live in caves, nothing in between. These same folks look up at the sky and blame the chem trails, denying that these same companies make toxic candles and other chemical delivery systems that they pay good money for, and install of their own free will, in ever more toxic homes. And turn their backs on their neighbors when those neighbors drop off the radar due to MCS or cancer or the hundreds of new ailments we suffer from.

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