7 Reasons Parents Should Fight the New World Order, Part 1 (Agenda 21)

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I know this might seem, by its title, like some sort of satirical piece. You’d think I’m trying to mock people who even believe the New World Order exists. You might even think it’s ridiculous to talk about “fighting it,” and especially doing so while raising a family. However, I’m dead serious. My goal here is to discuss the inclination I’ve felt, since finding out that I will be a father, to redouble my efforts to expose and oppose the Powers That Be and their sinister agendas in more creative and active ways.

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Yes, the globalist agenda, as exposed and daily enumerated point by point by Alex Jones and truthers of his ilk, is a Pandora’s Box to say the least. Since it was opened for me and I was “awakened” from my deep slumber, part of my feeling pre-pregnancy had been that I might not ever be able to handle having kids, knowing the horrible truth. Even people who don’t know (or those pretending not to know) how truly bad the situation is have this reservation in our frightening world. You know the old adage, “How could I bring another human being into such a horrible world?” Sadly, people with this attitude are victims of a sort of psychological sterilization.

So, to counter this fear, we are going to bring out the “fight” side of the Fight or Flight equation by almost paradoxically elaborating on the threats that add to this reluctance. Among the seemingly endless list of reasons for continuing to fight tyranny as you enter parenthood are:

  1. Agenda 21 (covered in this article)
  2. Gun Rights
  3. Censorship (Freedom of Speech)
  4. The Fourth Amendment (Illegal Search and Seizure)
  5. Vaccines
  6. Environment
  7. Propaganda (Public Schools, News, and Entertainment)

Look forward to pieces covering each of these obstacles, detailing their significance as well as practical solutions for sovereign and aware individuals trying to overcome them.

Psychological Sterilization

Above, I started to get into the idea of sterilization and specifically mentioned “psychological sterilization.” Just to elaborate, an adult’s citing the sad state of the world is a reflection of the suppression of our desire to reproduce based on fear. Let’s call this the “Fear of a Dangerous World” vaccine. I believe that it’s no mistake that this kind of thinking is encouraged to proliferate by the news, schools, politicians, and other media. Other psychological techniques for “neutering” and “spaying” in this way would be convincing healthy and fertile folks to delay reproduction:

  • Until you find “the One” (the RomCom vaccine)
  • Until you have graduated college or found a steady career (the Self-Realization vaccine)
  • Until you are emotionally “ready” to have kids (the Responsibility vaccine)
  • Until you feel like it (the Recreational vaccine)
From Rachel’s blog: The Modern Woman’s Pre-Marital To-Do List

A lot of these are also incidentally reasons to delay getting married. And they just so happen to be very effective points of indoctrination in our individualistic society, carried out using all kinds of birth control, including abortion. So we can add these subtle techniques to a litany of other mechanisms that are being employed in our society to suppress population growth in advanced nations.

I do realize that bringing awareness to worldly woes could seem counterproductive to the alleviation of the fear that prevents so many from reproducing. But try to instead think of this series as a way of bringing the offending matters out into the light. This way we can address them head on in an effort to expose them like the weeds they are, not allowing them to encroach on our freedom and our life.

The Depopulation Agenda

Let me go back a second and qualify my stance that all signs point to a global agenda of depopulation. Elites and high thinkers for millenia and millenia have sought to undermine God’s command to “be fruitful and multiply” on every front possible. In ancient civilizations, this was done by more crude methods like human sacrifice, violent sport (think gladiators), and perpetual war. But now seemingly more than ever in history, those in power and with the most intellectual sway (such as Bill Gates, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, and countless scientists in Universities strewn across the globe) seem to be convinced that the world is overpopulated, and that this growth must be curbed at all costs to avert disaster.

Their assertion happens to be false. If you’ll peruse the referenced piece, even the UN’s own projections don’t agree, predicting that we’ll plateau at a comfortable 9 billion by 2050 (notwithstanding any manipulation by them and the globalists). Yet in other sources, a general attitude of concern over the “doubling” of the population every 35 years from the UN seems to contradict these projections.

It’s pretty easy to convince people that the world is overpopulated as they are crowded into dense urban living situations, hence why (in my opinion) city folk are a lot more impressionable by Progressive propaganda. Ideally, this line of thought and very convincing technique will be cemented with the very implementation of their proposed solution to the burgeoning population/resource problem: herding as many people as possible into dystopian megacities. Here’s a disturbing Agenda 21 propaganda piece that promotes these monstrosities, made by Forum for the Future:

Please review our discussion of Agenda 21 and the message behind the film Snowpiercer for some more insight on this subject.


It’s all about control. If you can control a resource as basic as the air you exhale, you can really completely control the populace. Water is a close runner-up in their arsenal of politicized resources that are supposedly out of whack. So unless you’re a big fan of the cheesy (and outdated) dystopian landscape of Tank Girl, I’d recommend resisting a tyranny that controls something as basic as water:

tank girl water power comic

Actual Sterilization

This is the part where things tend to get a little tinfoil-y. However, I believe from various reliable sources and my own experience that sterilization is being indirectly effected through the perpetuation of a toxic environment by government and corporations. We’ll be getting into this topic more in the “vaccines” and “environment” entries of this series, but allow me to summarize.

You may not realize it, but the things you eat and drink, the air you breathe, the clothes you wear, and the activity (or inactivity) you partake in are most likely diminishing your ability to have kids. It is because we are living in a “toxic soup” of chemicals, synthetic hormones, and frequencies that disrupt our body’s natural processes. The avoidance of these things, as well as how to cope with our exposure to them, is the essence of Modern Life Survivalist. We are here to help you survive modern life.


Yes, I understand that there are plenty of people eating unhealthy diets and living in squalor that are able to conceive and go full-term. I have to attribute this incredible feat of having healthy kids on a Standard American Diet without environmental precautions to the amazing adaptability of life. However, even if you make the cut with a little luck/divine providence, there are postnatal issues that crop up because of the sad state of our surroundings and food supply, and there has been a definite rise in developmental issues for our offspring. One such issue is autism, which has increased from 1 in 2000 children to 1 in 150 between the 1970s and now. Extrapolate this and any other developmental issues into their lifelong consequences, and it’s not hard to imagine their resulting in less progeny for our progeny. One can easily see how self-perpetuating postnatal problems are an indirect form of sterilization.

And I’ll level with the skeptards who will always cite the correlation and causation paradigm. Sure, it’s true enough that we can’t assume autism is caused by glyphosate just because of the simultaneous rise in both. However, glyphosate is definitely not helping your efforts at conception, your pregancy, or your child’s ability to thrive. It is plain as day to see this, just on the basis that gut bacteria are good and glyphosate harm gut bacteria. I don’t think anybody can disagree with that logic. Gut bacteria has been shown (and continues to be shown) to affect just about all aspects of your health, including your digestion, mood, skin, weight (insulin sensitivity), and experience with inflammation. Of course, one could argue that the rest of these all stem from the first, digestion. The way we absorb nutrients is unequivocally involved with each and every biological process. So if we are constantly exposed to food and environmental toxins that curtail absorption, we are going to suffer as a species, and most undoubtedly in the reproduction department.

Again, I don’t say these things for the purpose of fearmongering or to further discourage anyone from having kids. These are things that need to be addressed by all of us as we continue to give birth and raise children. People will always generally want to have kids despite all advice to the contrary, because the God-given, innate desire to reproduce is so powerful. I am encouraging parents to commit to taking all efforts to improve the quality of life of your children by approaching these challenges head on, not putting our heads in the sand and in our parental bliss blithely ignoring their existence.


This is all to say nothing of actual sterilization that goes on. Most of the sterilization that occurs nowadays is voluntary, like vasectomy and tubal ligation. Also, though there are no studies showing it, I still wouldn’t assume that certain temporary birth control methods are so easy on fertility. Exercise caution when choosing birth control pills, intrauterine devices (IUDs), and day-after pills, as they do at least cause disruptions in your natural hormonal patterns that are hard for your body to compensate for after the fact.

Agenda 21 and Your Children


Your future, the future of your children, and your ability to even have children are inextricably related to the (withered) fruits of the depopulation agenda. Clearly, sterilization using psychological or physical (through covert chemical warfare) means has an effect on your parenting. And Agenda 21, in its ugliest projected implementation, does not look like a positive healthy environment in which to raise your children.

Even in its mildest form, the stated goals of Agenda 21 and sustainable development, when you read between the lines, prefer the needs of the environment/nature over the health of human individuals. This can be seen in the list of “unsustainable practices” they target in the 1992 Rio de Janeiro materials (see next link). Everything they say in their materials sounds great on the surface, but the implementation usually involves regulation that keeps people from accessing resources. Even with efforts from Agenda 21-inspired entities like the White House Rural Council to provide “strong, sustainable rural communities,” it isn’t working. In general, as we become more separate from nature, we will start to live in more and more cramped quarters (think megacities and prison camps), which historically almost always lead to disease and/or insanity. Humans thrive, psychologically and physically, when they live close to nature in wide open spaces.

How Can I Fight Agenda 21?


You can fight this biologically irresponsible global community planning by raising awareness and voting your conscience on the matter. This will improve the environment in which your child is raised. The Tea Party has been taking this topic on headlong in their meetings, and I recommend that you at least keep abreast on all developments they cover if you are a parent or about to be a parent. You can contact Senators on your own to express your concerns. Also, you can attend Agenda 21 community planning meetings disguised under different names like “Somewhere County Zoning Commission” that are cropping up in towns all around the U.S.

Knowledge is power here, because most of the people they are talking to have no basis and are easily manipulated by their confidently spoken, positive propaganda. All of it sounds really good on the surface, so you need to have a deeper understanding as an educated and informed member of your society. Speak up! Just one person asking informed questions and speaking out of turn amidst their controlled dialogue can utterly throw them off their game.

As we continue this series, I’ll be going point by point down the rabbit hole of reasons for us to vigilantly defend liberty and individual rights, even amidst the confusion of becoming a new parent. In the next post, we will be discussing the importance of maintaining the 2nd Amendment, which guarantees the right to bear arms.

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