Exposing the Cardio Conspiracy: Hacking Alex Jones’ Weight Loss

Alex Jones’ Conversation with Dr. Joseph Mercola—Intermittent Fasting, the “Fat Gene,” and the Unaddressed Cardio Conspiracy


The other night, I was enjoying my daily InfoWars dose while polishing off the rest of a stick of Kerrygold, when Alex Jones said to me (yes directly to me):

“My first five years on air, I was like a Ron Paul, let’s-audit-the-fed, let’s-lower-taxes, mainline, Libertarian-Republican, and then my listeners educated me. And then I’d laugh at ’em—there’s no black helicopters; fluoride isn’t bad for you; my dad’s a dentist; GMO’s good for ya—that’s a bunch of leftists that don’t wanna feed the world—until I got educated. And the last fifteen years has been just over the top.”  -Alex Jones, InfoWars.com

This comment gave me hope, because it exemplifies how people of the right mindset, who though now may seem so radical and visionary with prominent ideas about change and what’s really going on, were once just as ignorant and aloof as the majority that remains in the dark. But there’s still more that someone like that can learn! The next question is whether an individual who perceives themselves enlightened will continue to learn when presented with even more truth. This Halloween, he was given the opportunity to really learn something novel:

At the beginning of this video you’ll see him honing in on diabetes, because before the break Mercola started to talk about conquering insulin resistance (the key to weight loss), so thankfully Joe puts him back on track and tells him what’s up. So Alex, as Mercola said, you’ve made incredible strides in your journey of weight loss. However, because of your recent comments concerning,

  • your struggle to lose weight
  • your insistence on combating it using chronic cardio
  • your extensive line of health supplements
  • your conversations with Dr. Joseph Mercola and several other health gurus

you’ll serve as a perfect reference subject for some very important points I’d like to make about weight loss. I know that if you and people in the same boat would listen to the truth as you listened to Dr. Joseph Mercola and your fans who enlightened you on so many subjects, you could not only more successfully employ the simple strategy he recommended, but would be a much happier person in all aspects of life. Especially your exercise life.

In brief, my points are that weight loss has very little to do with calories and the amount of exercise you do. You need to ditch the cardio and rediscover your roots in bodybuilding, implement Dr. Mercola’s mentioned strategy of intermittent fasting, but also implement his recommended spread of macronutrients with at least 70% of your intake of calories from fat to overcome insulin resistance and teach your body to burn fat as its main source of fuel.

Alex’s Weight

Alex came on the scene in 1996 with a radio show in Texas, where he began to expose the tyranny of government bureaucracy carrying out their agenda under the guise of environmental protection and the fight against social inequality. He often had Ron Paul on the show, and he also went around with a bullhorn protesting and investigating Ku Klux Klan rallies, Governor Bush, bureaucratic entities infringing on property rights, oppressors of Branch Davidians, and overspending of the Federal Government. He also started to make semi-crappy documentaries exposing the agenda of the New World Order, the true agenda behind the Iraq War, the illegitimacy of the Federal Reserve, and in the early 2000’s a whole lot of stuff about 9/11 Truth.

In his early documentaries (like this one), when we see Alex, we see a stout to slender man about 5 foot 10 with a bit of definition in his arms. He looks good. They still seem to be using mugs from a few years after this time on the website, I guess because one always look more sincere and “with it” when slim. Actually, let me go back even further really quick and point out that he used to be a bodybuilder (amateur) anyway, and there are pictures (well—a picture) proving it:

alex jones ripped muscles infowars young


As the years go by and we view the documentaries chronologically, we start to see a different (or an extra) Alex begin to take shape, resembling the one you can see on www.prisonplanet.tv. In one of his recent broadcasts where he talks about his weight gain and more current weight loss, we hear him mention that in the past several years he let his weight get away from him to the tune of topping out at 275 lbs. After some supplemental intervention, though, he is now claiming that he managed to cut down to about 220 lbs, and he wants to get down to 180.

Alex, when referencing his daily routines, will often mention his time on “the elliptical” in passing, so I’m sure this is part of his weight-loss regimen. This is cardio, friends; and cardio—as sure as a globalist in the final stages of population control implementation—kills. And like tyranny, while it does kill slowly, you can be sure that in the process, it can increase cortisol; unbalance hormones; become very addictive; and yes, even help you lose a little bit of weight, but at the expense of dumping a great deal of muscle mass. More on that below.

Alex’s Supplements and Go-To Gurus

I suppose after being convinced by his fans (mentioned in the quote above) that there is a definite set of nutritional deficiencies and significant sources of toxins built into the Standard American Diet (so SAD) that the government and Monsanto subjects us to, he started to get into some supplements for detox. He also speaks out adamantly against GMOs, which is awesome:

He continues to cover the war against GMOs and promote the purchase of organic foods whenever possible, but he also offers a nice selection of what seem to be quality supplements on his website’s merch store. I don’t know when they put what supplements out, but if I had to guess from the frequency and positioning of ads on the show, it probably started with Super Male Vitality, then proceeded on to Super Female Vitality, Silver Bullet (Colloidal Silver), X-2 Survival Shield (Nascent Iodine), and now DNA Force. He also, as you know from our review, offers a very clean and delicious coffee called Wake Up America! All of these supplements are extremely intriguing to me, especially DNA Force (a BioPQQ/CoQ10 thing), and I’d like to review each and every one of them someday.


Somewhere along the way, Alex met Dr. Group, a vegan and therefore inferior health guru, who insisted he try OxyPowder, a supplement that cleanses bowels the same way as magnesium oxide (which I have tried and had success with). He claims, in so many words, that once he took OxyPowder, he dropped tons of weight through his bowel movements essentially. He continually raves about it, plugs it, and elaborates that at least 70% of your immune system is in the gut (yet he never talks about probiotics or good bacteria). He often recites the apocryphal anecdote that “50 lbs of undigested meat were found in John Wayne’s colon when he died.” I believe that it was 50 lbs of impacted feces, not meat—especially since meat does not rot in your gut (it’s pretty darn easy to digest unless you have a severe acid and bile deficiency). Vegetables, beans, and grains do, however, rot in your gut.

To my great disappointment, aside from those of the bowel, the Paleo movement or its related movements are not a subject Alex discusses—at least as far as I know. This is unfortunate, because the mainline fitness disinformation that Paleo rails against is rife for exposure as part of a medical conspiracy to dumb us down and run us down. Long before this interview with Mercola, I was very concerned that he didn’t have too much of a grasp on diet and macronutrients at all. Then I gleefully stumbled on this YouTube video, ironically put up by a vegan, with the title “Alex Jones and Allan Watt spreading DISINFO.” If you scroll down and read the comments, you’ll see my responses to the people making fun of Alex Jones for his dietary assertion that “the anthropology and archaeology and biology shows that the brain CCYs [sic] begins to grow even larger with just a few generations on a red meat diet, because it has the fats and oils needed for brain development.” YES! So it looks like he follows some of the concepts of ancestral diet after all! Whether or not he’s putting them into practice is another story.

He often gets other gurus besides Dr. Group on, and he even had a side site called www.infowarshealth.com. This one video with some guy named Pharmacist Ben seems interesting and focuses a lot on deficiencies of nutrients, but from what I heard in the video, he doesn’t get into the nitty gritty of what one should eat to thrive. I think the essential missing piece that a lot of “nutritionists” leave out is the source of energy (calories) that someone should eat. Yes, help us with what nutrients we’re missing and pair them with vegetables/supplements that will help with that deficiency, but where are we getting our energy? How do I keep from keeling over from starvation and dying? That wouldn’t happen, but I could go into starvation definitely and get some major fatigue and slowed metabolism with the way they’re always pushing low fat in both mainstream and alternative diets. Dr. Mercola is a legitimate nutritionist who actually discusses this very point in great detail.

Dr. Mercola


Before the interview this week, apparently Mercola had been on InfoWars a few times in the past 15 years. I never knew. It doesn’t surprise me, though, because a good percentage of the articles on mercola.com seem to cover medical conspiracies related to Big Pharma and GMO. It only makes sense that he’s a fan of Alex Jones since he’s totally on board and in step with what InfoWars is all about. And that is, exposing tyranny, deception, and manipulation on all levels, especially in government and corporations.

On top of that, Mercola has even cross-posted some non-medical stuff about Alex Jones’ economic investigations on his site. Check it out!

The truth is an amazing thing, and seekers of it who are talented and dedicated are networking to improve the country’s health, minds, families, and lives through the spread of knowledge! If this isn’t exciting to you, I feel sorry for ya.

As far as plans for weight loss go, Mercola has a very specific method that he promotes. He is always talking about getting a high percentage of your calories from (specifically) saturated fat (something like 50-70%), so that automatically makes him one of my greatest influences. He also promotes intermittent fasting, encourages the consumption of red meat (grass-fed of course), and exposes the evil historical figures who made it the norm and the “healthy choice” to do the exact opposite of these things (like Ancel Keys and that China Study guy). You can gather that he promotes all of these things from his articles and could probably easily put together a Mercola diet, but he had a run-in with Dave Asprey, basically straight-up stealing the Bulletproof Diet. As you see, the link referencing Mercola is broken in that article, so I guess the bad blood didn’t run too thick between them, and Dave decided to remove it. Just another example of how Dave Asprey is one of the nicest diet gurus in the world—though he’s never replied to the email I sent him. Anyway, Dr. M has a Mercola Nutrition Plan posted on his own site that’s confusing as all get out, so I’d recommend you just read his articles and follow his general nutrition advice, which incidentally ends up looking a lot like the Bulletproof Diet.

From the summary I gave you of his dietary precepts, you’d assume the guy is Paleo, right? Well, he’s not. At least he claims he’s not. It’s pretty stupid if you ask me. A lot of gurus try to distance themselves from Paleo to get attention. Really, they mostly are just doing it so they can rebrand it and sound smart. It’s sad really, because they usually equivocate heavily by acknowledging all of the good about the diet and then criticize elements of it that most people and nutritionists account for anyway in their own personal interpretations. So ultimately, they’re just affirming the approach. Here is Mercola’s Paleo denial, which pisses me off for so many reasons that I’ll have to write another article about it. But it doesn’t matter, because I can tell you that Mercola’s diet is a Paleo-inspired diet with great focus on animal fat (yay) and raw vegetables (boo).

The “Fat Gene”

I’m not exactly sure where this idea of the fat gene came from, but I’m sure I can dig something up to explain why people think that it’s just genetic for some people to get fat. This seems like it makes sense, because obesity tends to run in families, but I get pissed all the time when people imply that I “got lucky” by being the only skinny person in my family. I have weighed up to 230 lbs (I’m now 170 lbs, but not before dropping down to 150 from 200 when I got sick, which was down from 230, up from 200 in college, down from 215, up from 180 in high school)! Everyone assumes you’ve been skinny your whole life if you’re skinny or fat your whole life if you’re fat. Alex is a perfect example of this. How do you explain all of the people who’ve lost tons of weight and kept it off on a Paleo-type diet? You can’t that way, so don’t try!

Everyone likes to feign intelligence by thinking about things genetically these days. It really isn’t as relevant as you think, people. I think you can have the predisposition toward obesity, though, definitely—hands down because of gut bacteria. But praise Jesus! That’s something that can be changed! Mercola actually puts it very profoundly in his article called “Genetics—a “Largely Failed Science Now Used for Social Control” (so exquisitely anti-NWO, oh my gosh!),

“You may think you’ve inherited a ‘bad heart’ or are prone to breast cancer (or any disease for that matter) because a close family member had it. But please toss these thoughts from your mind right now, because you, and you alone, are in control of your health destiny.”

This is an inspiring thought that I keep handy in case someone drops a genetic (and generic) platitude when someone has a heart attack like, “Oh, most stuff with your heart is genetic anyway.”

So in the most recent interview with Dr. M that we’re discussing, Alex gets excited after he hears the “secret” Mercola presents, and tries to slap a label on it, saying “so they’ve basically found the way to shut off ‘the fat gene’?” Mercola tries to turn it around and stresses that “well it’s not the fat gene. What happens is that when we eat all these excess carbohydrates and we’re eating regularly and we’re not fasting, then that builds up enzymes that suppress our body’s ability to produce something like lipase, which helps burn our fat.”

Alex tries to correct himself, “No, I understand that, but I’m saying that it’s in the genetics that we’re not designed to do this… so you turn off the fat gene, even though it’s not a gene, by getting in line with your genes.” Yeah, I’m not sure he gets it. He goes on to ask what this phenomenon is called. As far as we know, he’s ready to move on from the fat gene concept, but I know better. The thought is still bubbling behind those wide blue eyes.

Joseph, in answer to Alex’s query, is basically mumbling the first part,”Well, the general term is called intermittent fasting in the literature.But I call it effortless eating.” Talk about rebranding. Isn’t it hilarious, though, that even with his clarification, Alex still ends up using the phrase “turn off the fat gene” in the YouTube video’s title? Everyone is just looking to put their brand or their take on things, I’m telling you! Oh wait, I guess we’re doing that on Modern Life Survivalist in a lot of ways, too. :-/ Ah well, c’est la Web.

Intermittent Fasting

Thankfully, though, in the rest of this part of the conversation, I think Dr. Mercola explains intermittent fasting sufficiently. He even kind of goes into the problem of needing to constantly replete your glycogen stores, which is a little more advanced on the low-carb tip. But allow me to quickly go over the concept of intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is the practice of eating (however much you would normally eat) within a small window of time in the day, or even more generally the practice of rotating between fasting and non-fasting during waking hours. Most Paleo interpretations have you skip breakfast, and the result is decreased insulin resistance, which is good for overcoming all sorts of chronic disease, including diabetes and obesity.

What Mercola fails to get into with Alex, though, is how carbohydrates come into play with intermittent fasting. If you just fast and then break fast the same way everyone else in the world does (running on Dunkin or with cereal, as Dr. M mentions), then I reckon you won’t get the same effects as you would if you time your carbs later in the afternoon or even in the evening. So your (late) breakfast should be mostly fat and protein.

Mercola has a bit of a weird facet to his IF, calling it the “3-8-3” method, where you don’t eat 3 hours before bed or 3 hours after waking (woo-hoo more rebranding!). I personally like to shoot for the stars when I intermittent fast, and I don’t eat 3 hours before bed and not really until 2 PM the next day. That’s the real deal right there. Also, I usually don’t purely fast, but instead choose the Bulletproof route of having fat in my coffee for breakfast. This can give you the same quality results or better sometimes, because it allows your body to go into life-extending autophagy. It can be a little hard on the digestion because of the acidity of the coffee, but the butter can help put a damper on that issue, and you’ll definitely have no problems digesting your protein-containing and fat-rich lunch later on.

Ketosis Cycling

It is very important to choose your meals correctly when you break your fast, in my opinion, because you want to maximize the effect and try to stay in ketosis. This is more of a Bulletproof interpretation of IF. When you are losing weight, it is good to stay in ketosis as much as possible. I would try to come out of it at most 2x a week, but ideally once a week. With intermittent fasting 6 days in a week, you are almost guaranteed to be in it for at least half a day every day, so that is already a bonus. However, if you can keep your carbs under 50 g/day, even as a sedentary person, you should be able to stay in ketosis all the time. Combined with the autophagy and gut biome support that intermittent fasting provides, this will guarantee amazing results beyond any supplement.

One important facet of ketosis that people have learned is that protein can actually kick you out of ketosis because of gluconeogenesis (the transformation of protein into glucose by your liver). You can help to avoid these insulin spikes from protein intake by eating lots of fat with it! This means no chicken breast, because it is pure protein. If you must eat chicken, eat it with the skin, choose dark meat, and with lots of butter. That helps a lot!

Fat is your new best friend in fact, and you should basically keep a stick of Kerrygold unsalted butter, or your choice of grass-fed butter, with you at all times. Put massive amounts of butter on everything on your plate, and if you are still hungry at the end of the meal, eat butter for dessert! I know it might sound disgusting, but with Kerrygold Unsalted butter (salted does start to gross you out for sure), you will never get sick of it. I am not kidding. You’ll just get full, that’s all. Also, you can pretty much eat a delicious and fat-filled avocado at every meal, which is great for potassium as well as some extra insoluble fiber and very few impact carbs.

Alex, your “ENDGAME” for low-carb/high-fat dieting is to actually bring carbs back into the picture and make them a healthy part of your life after you’ve gone as far as you can go with ketosis. Almost everyone hits a wall, and Paul Jaminet and a ton of other Paleo gurus have figured out that you need to bring carbs back in to continue weight loss and fix some intestinal issues. Pick carbs that have no GMOs, which means no bread or wheat products, soy, or corn. Also, I’d recommend getting rid of all cereal grains in general, and just go for some nice white rice when you want.

Your go-to “clean” carbs, in order of carbiness, are carrots, squash, turnips, rutabagas, taro, cassava, plantains, and sweet potatoes. Not a bad spread in my opinion, considering you probably used to eat bread, potatoes, corn chips, pancakes, waffles, and spaghetti as your regularly rotated carbs. Lots more variety now! Also, for desserts, you have a whole world of coconut flour and almond flour possibilities ahead of you, as long as you do them with stevia and maybe a little xylitol instead. The fat’s what you’re looking for in pastries anyway; flour has always been a side note. The same goes for ice cream—now there’s a pure fat food (minus all the sugar), and I mean that in the best way!

The Cardio Conspiracy

chronic cardio long distance running kills

  Photographs: : Top-Left: Erik Sjoqvist after 5000m event. Bottom-Left: Henry Browne/Action Images. Right: Ricardo’s Useless Marathon


Now what Mercola completely failed to cover was the issue of exercise. With the right kind of exercise, you can (and must) increase your carbs and your protein, allowing yourself to enjoy lots of solid calories and nutrients being shuttled into the correct areas of your body as your hormones improve from diet and are in turn corrected by healthy movement. But what is the correct exercise for a man and a woman? For both, it is most certainly not plodding along in your sneakers on hard cement, waiting for the suck of jogging your brains out at a meandering 4-5 mile pace for 30-40 minutes to become enjoyable. Here’s a hint: even if the endorphin convinces you that it has, your body will never find this activity enjoyable.

I’m not too mad at Mercola for not covering it when he spoke to Alex, because on his blog he has dealt with the issue of chronic cardio over and over again on his blog. He has it down, for sure, and his writing was certainly seminal in my development of knowledge in this arena. Please read through these few articles that I pulled up:

All of these articles are extremely well-referenced and researched, and they all point to one thing: Short, intense bursts of activity, are far more healthful than the plod of any kind of moderate intensity exercise, which wears your heart down over the 20-60 minutes that people always shoot for. Besides jogging, this includes exercise bikes or ellipticals, rowing machines, and recumbent arm bikes.

Some people interpret this information as a nudge to do just 10 minutes on the treadmill or the elliptical instead of the previously required 20 minutes. I say NO WAY. JUST DON’T DO THAT CRAP! If you’re going to run, sprint! Do it like 4 to 7 times. This is also advice from Dave Asprey. AND START TO LIFT SOME FREAKING WEIGHTS! This goes for men and women. Here’s another article by Mercola on the benefits of high-intensity interval training. In fact, just reading the Wiki on HIIT will explain all of the research that proves how ineffective traditional aerobic exercise is compared to short, intense bursts.

I also do like a heavy lifting version of circuit training with longer rests. I don’t like the moderate loads stuff with short rests, because it creates an aerobic effect. I originally chose the circuit training method, because I used to have leg problems and didn’t want to do sprinty things too often (though I do more often now). Now I do tons of squats and I have virtually no problems at all with my legs.

Heavy lifting really is a miracle. One need not look further than our own astronauts for the explanation of why weight-bearing exercise is so good for you. And it just so happens that you can simulate heavier gravity by bearing heavier loads or by standing on a vibrating plate. The synergistic effect on your hormones, your bones, and your muscles will definitely effect radical change in your stature over time, including the weight loss that you’re looking for without the muscle loss that comes from cardio training.

Note: When you write the word effect with an ‘e’ as a verb, it means “cause.” Take it from a copy editor.

Yes, chronic cardio is a terrible thing. But don’t take it from me. Take it from Dr. Mercola himself or this former long-distance runner, Mark Sisson. He wrote an article called “A Case for Cardio” that is my go-to when trying to convince people to get off the treadmill. It is well-sourced and approaches the topic from a scientific standpoint and with the mind of a hunter-gatherer.

Also, we don’t have to look at studies and ancestral behavior to know what kind of exercise keeps us from chronic disease and being fat. There are tribes among us still! The Aché and Hadza tribes do not do any sort of significant long-distance cardio. Most of what the men do is walk (to track their prey), sprint to shoot an arrow, and pick stuff up. The women dig for roots—and walk a lot, too.

It’s also worth checking out these two amateur blog posts that aren’t well referenced but cover everything you need to know explaining why you shouldn’t do aerobics and what you should do instead:

I would also like to delve into the origins of the aerobics phenomenon, because that is essentially the genesis of a conspiracy, isn’t it? It all begins at the conception of the deception, ah haha! Sometimes it’s just a misguided scientist with good intentions, but most times, something this big has either something bigger behind it or a fanatical viewpoint, such as Ancel Keys, who was basically pushing veganism. Of course, we all know that’s just part of the push to make us plant-eaters that will happily eat soy and crap cakes in the implementation of Agenda 21.

So, just as so many of these stories begin, it all began with some research by a scientist in the 60’s. In this case, it was Kenneth Cooper, a former Air Force Colonel who ultimately wrote a book in 1968 called Aerobics. In the book, he assigned points for doing certain low- to mid-intensity exercises for different amounts of time. Mark Sisson talks about how he read this book and followed it religiously in the article above and elaborates on how he developed severe inflammation and a bum pair of ankles from excessive running until he was 28! He had to stop at that point, toning it down a little bit in long-distance intensity and focusing instead on intense sprints once in awhile. He found that doing so gave him strength gains from the sprints and helped smooth out his inflammatory kinks while still receiving benefits from the long-distance walking.

Thank God for Mark Sisson, Dave Asprey, and Joseph Mercola, because they’re the only ones putting out extensive articles detailing the research showing how chronic cardio messes you up so bad. It really seems like a conspiracy, because all of the search terms I tried in Google, like “cardio debunk,” “Kenneth Cooper Aerobics debunk,” and similar things are just not giving me any pertinent results. This is a problem that needs to be fixed. For now, just read through the articles by Mark and Joseph I’ve provided.

There is one guy, Dr. Doug McGuff, who Dave Asprey talks about a lot. His Body By Science site explains everything you need to know about the science behind fitness, but he’s too hardcore specific for me. He actually interprets the research as showing that the perfect procedure for a fit body as being one extremely short workout of five different exercises done to failure, done one time a week. He reckons that the body needs that much time to fully recover. I don’t totally buy it from an ancestral fitness standpoint, because I think hunters hunted a few times a week. Also, I think you need special machines to do the resistance training the way he wants you to. Here’s a disturbing video of Doug McGuff doing his routine. He looks more ripped actually than I remember, but I say disturbing because of the quick breaths. Even so, I like the attitude that it’s so lazy and yet so precise based on perfect knowledge. This is the gold standard showing the dissonance between what people should be doing to be perfectly in shape and what people are actually doing (running 5K’s and doing triathlons).

One last anecdotal example of someone thinking of exercise differently: Dave Asprey got a six-pack with very little to no exercise for 2 years at 4500 calories/day and a ton of perfectly combined supplements.

Your New Life

So, when it all hits the fan and the globalists have dropped false flag after false flag on us until the dumbed-down asleep majority has submitted to the subjugation of drones in the sky and nanobots in their bodies, constant surveillance, and free unlimited GMO food, all under the whimsy of the elite who want to cage us in an Agenda 21 dispensation that rivals a nightmare worse than Snowpiercer—what kind of exercise will you want to have done? What kind of shape do you want to be in? How much time will you want to have wasted on a treadmill?

With a low-cardio, high-intensity workout plan and a low-carb, high-fat diet, you’ll be gearing your hormones, mind, and body toward that of a sharp-as-a-tack tribesmen. These healthy tribesmen care for their loved ones, live off the land, never experience chronic disease, and with just a little bit of modern medicine for broken bones, injection wounds, and childbirth, will easily live well into their 90s or 100s. This kind of person will have the best chance of surviving the global takeover of the elite, especially if banded together with people of a like mind and fitness level. So let’s all get in shape for whatever they throw at us!

Our Appeal (to An Appealing Broadcaster!)

In summary, Alex, out of sincere gratitude for your courage and all of the information that you’ve opened our eyes to, we offer these humble solutions that have worked so well for us. We hope and pray that you’ll not only employ our suggestion of changing your dietary and fitness habits to those of a tribal hunter-gatherer—low carb, high fat, no cardio, and strength trained—but that you’ll start to have guests knowledgeable in these subjects on your show more often. InfoWars has already done so much to bring awareness to health issues like GMO, iodine, geoengineering, and the need to detox. It would only be right that they started to spread the good news of this diet, exercise, and lifestyle revolution!

About Rob 70 Articles
Rob was the valedictorian of his high school (his last claim to fame), but now believes that academics are overrated. He is a musician and former copy editor, and is now studying independently as an amateur nutritionist, businessman, and writer/rocker against world government and for liberty. He is also attempting to obtain a PhD in squats, deadlifts, shoulder raises, rows, bench press, dips, and pull-ups.


  1. A lot of good points;i.e., opinions, in this article, although it’s not well citated on many of the claims as would be a graduate level research paper. My opinions follows:

    You noted that “…Dr. Group, a vegan and therefore inferior health guru…,” is definitely a personal, unfair opinion. Because one is a “vegan,” regardless of the reason why, doesn’t necessarily make for an inferior health guru. This depends on how that person advises.

    Nearly all vegans may advice strictly vegetarian with no animal products, and on a rare case might advice on a temporary basis an animal product as a medicine just as one might take a drug on a temporary basis as a medicine for certain ailments.
    Dr Group without neither one of us knowing him well at all seems to be healthy, and has been eating as such for over 20 years.
    You were incorrect noting “… (yet he never talks about probiotics or good bacteria);” however, the following link will disprove that your accusation: https://www.globalhealingcenter.com/about/dr-group

    As far as beans and other vegetables rotting in the flesh and meat doesn’t isn’t entirely true. Both rely on both digestive enzymes types and bile levels in your digestive system and your eating habits. WebMD has articles on vegetarian diet, including vegan. I personally don’t do edamame, nor any other soy products, nor peanuts,not for allergies(in case anyone is wondering). I think soy on a short term basis might be good for female hormone therapy, but there are Doctors which specialise in that knowledge. I don’t do peanuts, because the oil is a very heavy oil and may be too much for your blood and part of contribution to body fat if done in excess(whatever that is for you). My diet is generally ovo-lacto vegetarian. I do supplement at times on B-12. The latest study has shown that Quinoa is a complete protein; so, I’ve heard.

    Dr Group advocates for vegetarian diet but noted ” If you must eat meat, choose varieties that are grass fed or free range, and purchase from local farmers you can trust” in the following link: http://bit.ly/2xHWJeL

    On meat putrefaction in the gut, regardless of John Wayne’s intestine, meat will petrify if not properly digested in the gut depends on a healthy digestive system, and probably depends on the rate of how one engorges and what they’re mixing in with that meat.
    As far as vegetables rotting in the gut, fermentation of vegetables in the gut is important as far s part of its digestion. Timing of digestion and clearance of the gut is important, too. One can supplement with broad spectrum digestive enzymes which includes Cellulase to break down the vegetable fibre. But, you need that fibre to aid with digestion and bowel clearance(bowel movement).

    A note to Physicians from the Permanente Journal “Nutritional Update for Physicians: Plant-Based Diets”
    Philip J Tuso, MD

    I’m just saying, vegetarian or not, healthier options are available.

    DISCLAIMER: My opinion is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read here.
    If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor, go to the emergency department, or call 911 immediately.

  2. Every once in a while I stumble upon a gem while doing a random research online. Today, this is it.

    What an amazing, in depth article. I’m really glad I’m not the only one who both follows conspiracy theories, while being hardcore into nutrition and personal well being. I always find the comparison between the two subjects quite astounding. At face value, they seem totally opposite. Conspiracy theories are as negative as can be, while seeking healthy habits is about as positive as one can get. Yet, they share so much. It is the realization that whatever information we’ve been fed, whatever we’ve been indoctrinated into, was never meant to serve us, the people.

    Both Alex Jones and Mercola would gain so much from reading your article. I find it very unfortunate that they probably never will. It unfortunately is too in depth, requires too vast of a knowledge, to be fully appreciated by most. Hell, I’d love to see Dave Asprey run a podcast with Alex Jones. Your article deserves so much more than 2 comments (so far).

    You are so correct that many so called gurus out there try too hard to dissociate themselves from a movement, which probably only leads to divide in the end. Most health gurus who have gone through their *paleo era*, along with conspiracy theorists, would gain so much from fighting together.

    I’ve never stumbled upon your website before today, and unfortunately my rss feed does not seem to recognize it for me to easily access future articles. In any case, whatever you do, please, continue.

    • Not sure if I replied to this excellent comment, yet! Our website has been hacked so many times in the last year, I haven’t even touched my blog. Just want to thank you so much for your encouragement. If you’d be willing to share it around, I’d really appreciate it. You are definitely a kindred spirit if you understand all the stuff I was trying to convey here. You just made my day, sir!

      You described my dream scenario, to see Mercola, Alex, and Dave Asprey share my articles or come and chat with me or something! Haha, probably will never happen I know. But thanks, anyway. This is the boost I needed, because I am applying for a job at a conservative news site that does pro-Trump articles and stuff. Hopefully they will like my “portfolio” here at Modern Life Survivalist, and I will get to write articles that get a little more exposure.

      Since you and I have so much in common, we should get in touch? You can e-mail me through the site, and I’ll hit you up if you want to chat some time. If not, that’s okay, too. 🙂

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