New Right Means Alternative Health: Alex Jones on Attachment Parenting

Alt Right Means Alternative Health Alex Jones on Attachment Parenting #altrightmeans

Update: I have it from the self-proclaimed “real alt-right” that you have to be a White Nationalist to be alt-right, so I decided not to promote the alt-right thing anymore. Alex Jones is calling it the New Right, so I’m cool with that. The rest of the article below remains how it was when I originally published it.

On Friday, in a rally speech, Hillary recently called out some of the more esoteric elements of the Web that Trump might be getting inspiration from, including Breitbart, the Alt-Right movement, InfoWars, and according to her, the godfather of it all, Vladimir Putin (????) Because God forbid you get your news from any source besides one of the major networks on your good ol’ television set. In the process, she probably confused the crap out of most of her standard “normie” supporters, and maybe even some of the not-so-normie ones.

One of the things she criticized was Trump’s appearing on Alex Jones’ “conspiracy” talk show, InfoWars. She lambasted the candidate for telling Alex what a great job he’s been doing. So in the interest of enlightenment, I’d like to do a brief post on the Alex side of things, because that’s the element I’m most familiar with of what she covered (and I’m very familiar with this topic).

At Modern Life Survivalist, we’ve shown interest in the Alt-Right, for the most part without really even knowing it. We hadn’t caught onto this term until a week or so after Rachel went on Red Ice Radio (a notorious and super-legit Alt-Right outfit). There, my better half killed, talking about this wonderful site and its EMF-avoiding, butter-eating principles, as well as some excellent points in support of the family and traditional living.

From what we’ve gathered about it, the Alt-Right is mostly aligned with what we believe, politically, historically, and otherwise. However, we feel they can get downright nasty, especially on Twitter, when it comes to their racial opinions. Some of the nastier elements get into these confrontations that involve a lot of juvenile name-calling and shallow prodding about race. We’re not down with that, but we do support their free speech (as long as they’re not threatening violence), and it’s always okay to challenge the PC police. Also, we can’t argue that they make some pretty solid points about nationalism and the preservation of borders—things that we used to take for granted.

We’ve talked about Alex at length on our site, because he has shown a consistent interest in healthy living and often on his show features health gurus we trust, like Dr. Mercola. Even though he mostly talks about government cover-ups and global government, he also covers in-depth the collusion between corporations and government agencies to either intentionally or negligently undermine the health of the American people. More specifically, he is openly anti-GMO, pro-organic, anti-vaxxer (at least in their present form), and even once in awhile talks about the dangers of EMFs. And indeed, all of these Alt-Right programs cover these very important topics, always encouraging their listeners to choose organic, whole food, and healthy living away from harmful chemicals and EMF.

Of course they’re not as sensitive as I am to the chemicals and EMF, but they try their best anyway.

Alt-Right World Peace shows you how to "make" tap water
Alt-Right sketch group World Peace shows you how to “make” tap water

Trolls, I am quite aware that this might just make us look more like a nutty conspiracy website, but whatever. If you don’t acknowledge the reality of these agendas, you’re probably in the wrong place anyway, and perhaps you should go on LiveStrong, Mayo Clinic, or WebMD for your health info. That’s not our thing. Have a fun funeral.

Alex Jones Endorses Attachment Parenting

Recently Alex delivered the most amazing monologue on traditional living that I’ve ever heard. During Operation Sleeping Giant, a 28-hour broadcast on InfoWars/PrisonPlanetTV, Alex had some great opportunities to freestyle and free associate without commercial breaks. Some amazing stuff resulted from this inflated span of time on his oft-visited soapbox. I have created this excerpt myself using a clip from the mega-broadcast.

Everything he says here, we advocate at Modern Life Survivalist, and we are currently applying to raising our own child. He describes:

-Why a child needs both parents
-Why you shouldn’t keep children in cribs (co-sleep instead)
-Why you should breastfeed your baby as much as you can
-Why infants/children need way more fat than sugar (formula is bad)
-Why children shouldn’t watch TV
-Why the family is falling apart
-Why you should chew up your kids’ food and feed it to them (premastication—WE FIGURED THIS OUT OURSELVES!)
-Why you should let kids walk barefoot in the grass (grounding)

This all matches up nicely with those raising their kids traditionally, or as tribal and ancestral cultures would. Heck, our own country’s folk used to raise kids this way. Tradition is not stupid. The last few decades have been stupid, because we’ve started to follow what science says is good, instead of what has always worked. We’ve become ungrounded, and hopefully thoughts like these will help all of us to reconnect!

For more info on how to raise your kids properly, so that they live up to their fullest epigenetic potential (the full expression that their perfect human DNA has to offer), check out the work of Weston A. Price.


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