Alternative Medicine 101 (The Basics)

alternative medicine

Alternative medicine gets a bad reputation from the so-called scientific community, perhaps because it helps people realize that they have the power within them to control and heal their own bodies. Once people become enlightened about this God-given, innate ability to heal our bodies through natural and untainted sources, Big Pharma might lose control and power. They certainly do not want our eyes to be opened, so there is an unlimited amount of funding going towards “scientific” research that shows us one side of the story while skewing the rest of the information. There is a war on for your mind and body.

Oftentimes you just want to find a nice resource for alternative medicine that gives you an overview on topics you may not know much about, like a catalog or a handy booklet that you can keep going back to, free and easily accessible. Unfortunately, the Web is a very big and confusing place! It’s easy to get lost even after you’ve landed on one website.

I did land on a gem of a resource called Simple Cure that explains different fields of alternative medicine, from acupuncture to osteopathy, quite concisely and in manner that’s easy to digest! Being on the website itself is therapeutic, mainly because of its minimalist design with no ads. Not that I am against advertising, but a low amount is definitely more appealing to the eyes and the mind!

Below are examples of topics you will find on their website along with a quick one liner on what each is about. I myself learned a thing or two!

  • Acupuncture – A Chinese practice involving stimulation of body parts through needles
  • Aromatheraphy – The use of plant-based aromatic or essential oils for healing and positive effects
  • Homeopathy – Stimulation of the body’s ability to fight infection by introducing substances that cause symptoms in healthy bodies
  • Hypnotherapy – A type of psychotherapy that promotes subconscious healing through positive suggestion
  • Iridology – The study of patterns made by our irises from the eyes to reveal the root causes of symptoms
  • Applied Kinesiology – The study of human movement, testing muscles for signs of weakness as a diagnosis
  • Myotherapy – The focus on the cause of pain, and its treatment through the myofascial, muscoskeletal trigger points
  • Naturopathy – A bigger branch of alternative medicine comprising smaller fields, including herbalism, which uses natural forces of energy to heal the body internally
  • Osteopathy – Massaging of the joints, muscles, spine, and the whole body to deal with pain and injuries
  • Reiki – Healing brought about in the body and mind with the use of the Life Force, which we see as God or our own ability to harness energy from within and outside (all made of the same cosmic energy)

The fields of alternative medicine above are just options you may want to try and look into more with an open mind. We have not personally experienced all of the above to a great extent to give you an unbiased anecdote. The practitioners behind these fields may be making money themselves (we all need to support ourselves), but you must understand that they are also in the fight against unnatural dependency on chemicals that enslave our minds and bodies, most prevalently presented in the form of conventional medicine and/or Obamacare.

We at Modern Life Survivalist focus on a total transformation of your life (physically, mentally, and spirituality) in order to strengthen immunity. That very much includes a 180-degree turn away from a conventional diet and how you think about food, your attitude on fitness, spirituality, morality and ethics, clothing, shelter, and technology, among other things.

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  1. Aromatherapy is something that interests me a lot. I am just a newbie in learning more about this and practicing what I am learning, but I am so loving it!

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