Stratospheric Aerosols (Chemtrails) in Baltimore?


These recent pictures were taken right outside our home in Baltimore, MD. Please do not think Rob was giving the ring finger to Creation or the Creator. Notice the two jet trails above the beautiful horizon. These suspicious white streaks were the target of his brazen manual criticism. Even if they aren’t what the conspiracy theorists say they are, they still exemplify some kind of pollution in our skies. Anyway, Rachel was just done making lunch for herself one afternoon and decided to sit outside and eat on the grass. Then she regarded the sky. There were formations—not clouds—that differ from jet exhaust contrails, which disappear almost immediately. No, these didn’t seem like normal contrails. These lasted for hours and later diffused to appear like cirrus clouds (cirrus-ly). To me, they looked more like stubborn cellulite forced on cerulean sky. Something was up above (literally) our house.

There’s a conspiracy theory claiming that the government (US, NATO, UN?) is using these contrail lookalikes to spread chemicals in dangerous levels to do who knows what to protect, harm, or do both to the Earth and its unsuspecting residents. The official scientific term for the formations you see above is stratospheric aerosols or geoengineering—the layman’s (or conspiracy kook’s) term being chemtrails.

Since everyone seems to be comfortable with jet exhaust in our skies, it makes sense for a sinister leader—or perhaps benevolent-yet-more-importantly-unauthorized-by-the-masses-to-proceed-with-the-proposal geoengineer—to hide mind-controlling poison (or whatever else you reckon these chemtrails are for) in “plane” sight.  The geoengineers do truly exist. They meet in government hearings and often talk about wanting to control the weather to save lives from another Katrina or drought, or they talk about saving the planet from man-made global warming, as in the TEDx talk linked above.

Global warming is a long, drawn-out topic, but we all know that mainstream science (at least most of what you can find on Google and what Wikipedia is reporting) has shown evidence for climate change or global warming from man-made causes, and other science from vast independent multinational studies by scientists with no special interests has shown some evidence against it. All of that aside, a geoengineer’s “proposal” to prevent warming by blocking the sun’s light using stratospheric aerosols would sound great to someone who believes climate change (in the global warming direction) is alive and well. And as this agenda gets pushed (not that it matters if it’s already being done of course), many people will probably buy it hook, line, and sinker.

The conspiracy theorists believe that the aerosol spraying “proposal” has been in effect for a good amount of time behind the public’s back, without our approval. They believe that the government is doing this under the guise of protecting the planet from the sun’s rays amplified by greenhouse gases. The sprayers’ purposes could be one or more of the following: 1) to perpetuate global warming to further political agendas hinging on its existence (which in turn would allegedly be fueling the authority and purpose for chemtrailing us in the first place—talk about a convenient feedback cycle!); 2) to weaken our immune systems, both dumbing down and reducing our population; or 3) corrupt and destroy organic crops to further the GMO agenda. As far as the third one goes, they say that chemicals coming from these trails, which their alleged lab samples have found to be mainly aluminum, strontium, and barium, have ruined organic produce. This would make way for GMO crops that are aluminum resistant to become dominant. If this happens, the people behind this will have total control over food—and therefore all of humanity. The Monsanto monopoly at work. Employing a problem-reaction-solution. This is just the gist of it.

Whatever these are for, if they’re really there, there’s a good amount of interesting evidence to show that chemtrails are real and that they aren’t good for the human body, the planet, or anything else in it.

We at Modern Life Survivalist do not agree with geoengineering. Let the planet recover from man-made pollution in a natural way.

To learn more about geoengineering, visit Or go to the government sources, who claim that this is not being employed yet. Here is some actual documentation of the government’s looking into “Owning the Weather.” You can view many, many chemtrail videos on Youtube as well to learn more. We particularly like the “What in the World Are They Spraying” documentary on YouTube and interviews/presentations from former Air Force chemical safety inspector-turned-whistleblower Kristen Meghan:




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  1. I am looking for somewhere to get involved to effect change over MD skies. I know that Nevada I believe has made chemical spraying illegal. Not sure if that is working. This saddens me so much. Would like to help awaken the masses.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Rachael! Well if they are addressing the problem of spraying openly, then that is a step in the right direction. As far as I know, the program is still a covert op that they deny vehemently and even covertly undermine with shills like Mick West on and

      I don’t know about Maryland, but I hope you’re right. Is there anything else you can share with me regarding this effort?



      Watch the link. They will be spraying the Maryland skies on June 11 with very high concentrations of contaminants. You will be able to see it over the Maryland skies from New York to North Carolina. I already have terrible respiratory issues due to it. They clean it up by telling you it’s adult allergies. Thank you for spreading the word and helping others to become more aware.


      Watch the link. The skies of Maryland will be sprayed with very high concentrations on June11. You will be able to see it in the Maryland skies from New York all the way to North Carolina. It is already affecting my respiratory and they clean it up by telling you that it’s adult allergies. Thank you for sharing and helping others to become more aware.

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