Today: Conspiracies and Super Babies

Conspiracy Theories and Super Babies

Today was an eventful day. So I started out the day with a little concern about a smell in the hallway emanating from my parents’ room. You see, I have this condition (I sound like the guy from Memento) where chemicals, mold, and EMFs actually bother me enough to sometimes make places unbearable to be in. While I never really found the exact source of this particular chemically “sickly sweet” stench (as I described it to my father), I did have an interesting argument with him due to my bringing it up.

I have this condition- Leonard, Memento

Lenny from Memento (2000), who can’t make new memories

When you’re dealing with severe allergies and reactions to things that others aren’t aware of—and are often indeed dependent on—you get into a lot of conflicts. They aren’t ever exactly pleasant conflicts either, with heartwarming conclusions where everyone hugs and says I love you. In fact, they’re usually downright unbearable—almost more so than the actual autoimmune/allergic reaction to the chemical. So, though my Dad’s saying I’m being selfish by constantly harassing my mother and him about “the tiniest details” is way off base, I suppose a case could be made that it’s not worth the stress of vigilantly preventing the introduction of harmful chemicals into mine and my family’s environment.

Now, I’ll level with you. I’ve been avoiding chemicals, mold, and EMF so effectively that yes, I have developed some degree of resistance to total immune system freakout from the smallest triggers. I can even hang out in thrift stores for a half hour to 2 hours at a time, with all of their moldy, dusty clothes and nasty detergents (used on all of their clothing). But when you’re fighting for your safe space, with people who against your best interest sometimes you’re far too familiar with to pussyfoot around the matter with, you tend to not hold back at all. Also, you’re always concerned about chemicals and mold sources cascading and developing so rapidly that you don’t realize you were “hit” until it’s too late, and you have to go and sleep outside indefinitely until you can tolerate the usually-less-healthy indoor air again.

Once you’ve been exiled to outdoor living, the fear of it happening again continues to haunt you whenever you get any inkling. Though I’m extremely loathe to give people any further inclination to blame this condition on psychological factors, I do believe that this fear is both caused by and a trigger for further sensitivity (which in turn can cause more fear—a vicious cycle indeed).

Why MCS/Mold/EHS Sufferers (Often Literally) Wear Tinfoil Hats

But getting back to my point, it is because of my bluntness in querying about the source of a nasty smell in the house today that I found myself at the receiving end of a grumpy tirade from my Dad. All told, I’ve gotten into a lot worse scuffles than this one with my Mom and Dad over the tiniest details of air quality. This one had some interesting turns, though.

A lot of the discussion, my Dad was actually just making an effort to be critical, but in a way that just showed concern about my degrading condition. At least I think that’s what he was saying. It started with him reestablishing a long-held standpoint he’s been coming from that I’m the one that has the condition, and I shouldn’t have carte blanche to continually push for my needs, but should instead accommodate and demure to their habits, no matter how uncomfortable they make me feel. Without question, I completely disagree with this notion. We all share air space, and I believe it is on the individual that pollutes the air to be mindful of how it affects the sensitive. Otherwise, how would this person be able to function (save leaving the living space of the polluter—which trust me, I would do if I had the resources to do so).

The most interesting part of the conversation, however, came when I had reached what seemed to be a point of understanding with my father, and he seemed to have shifted to a caring/concerned tone, rather than one of judgement and accusation. I always tend to overdo it in these moments, and I further appealed to him saying,

“I don’t know what caused me to become this sensitive, but something was deployed in my environment that triggered me to not be able to tolerate these environmental stressors.”

He almost straight-up cut me off with, “Now you see, that makes me even more concerned about you. I can’t think about these conspiracies. That makes me think you’re even more crazy.”

My immediate response was, “Dad, how is the thought that our environment is being poisoned in any way crazy? It’s what they do. They deployed chemicals in Vietnam, like Agent Orange. It’s called biological warfare—”

“Yes, but you’re saying they deployed them here in order to hurt you.”

Now I wasn’t saying it was specifically me they were after. I don’t believe I’m being targeted. But I think just humanity in general is being targeted, either to make us sick and become more dependent on the medical welfare State, or to actually sterilize us in to control the population. There’s no way to absolutely know for sure, but you can pretty much find cold and assertive admissions of this agenda in the writings of a lot of world leaders and policy makers of the recent several decades (who are more often than not still prominent men of influence). These are the writings of George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Rockefeller, and so many more of their ilk. It’s not a secret. It’s not hidden (and if it is, it’s hidden in plain sight).

But continuing with mine and my Dad’s conversation: Why do people always tend to use every single shred of evidence in the current conversation that you’re unreasonable against you, even if it has no relation to what you’re talking about? (This is kind of a side note.) We were throwing crap in a dumpster while we had this discussion, and I’d cut myself throwing some chicken wire in there. I pointed out that my leg got cut (it wasn’t very deep but nasty like wire cuts often are) and asked his advice, “Will this be a problem?” And this whole reaction came up of him “worrying about me because I worry about something that’s so innocuous.” I’m thinking: This is the kind of thing most people worry about: tetanus. Give me a break, Dad. It was just so frustrating.

Back to my main point, a new friend I met who has had MCS for 10 years recently said something very true explaining our relationship with the bigger issues in the world.

For us who have come closer to death through illness, the veil has begun to open. We see how things work a little bit better…

Also, I must add that being aware of and having to avoid the numerous sources of toxins that come from government and industry is a huge part of it. We have to understand the way things work in order to survive on a daily basis.

A Different Kind of Baby

Conspiracy Theories and Super Babies

Rammy models her tinfoil hat while and demonstrating proper use of a Cornet ED78S EMF measuring device

So I’m going to change the subject now, because this post is just really about my day and things I was thinking about.

I’m sorry to brag, but my baby is awesome. It’s been a real experiment having very little EMF (in the RF/microwave range) exposure for my child at this tender age. Most babies are bathed in it (due to lack of awareness of the common sources and what the safe level actually is). Last time I checked, a lot of babies have been exhibiting more and more behavioral problems. I have especially assumed from my negative experience with EMF, that a baby who is not raised with a microwave (let alone all the newer radiation offenders like wireless and cell phones) will have a great advantage compared to the majority. Less radiation makes for healthier cells.

Well, I believe I was right to some degree about the unquestionably positive effect created by this wireless abstinence. However, it wasn’t in the department I’d expected. I had hoped my daughter would be naturally less fussy than other babies who had wireless frequencies bombarding their skulls and (probably more importantly) their guts on a constant basis. But it turns out she’s got plenty of fuss in her after all. She often keeps mommy up a great deal at night. My wife is a real trooper! (However, I really do think the behavioral advantages might start to show at the age when tantrums become the norm for most babies.)

What I had also expected, but not to such a significant degree, was to see some huge developmental leaps in my daughter, because of our care in eliminating environmental stressors, our high–saturated fat, whole foods, “Bulletproof” diet. She has far surpassed any of the milestones I expected. It’s been an amazing week, because my girl is now crawling across the floor at stunning rates for a baby her age. She is also pulling up to stand, using chairs, coffee tables, and stools (and dishwashers), etc.

This particular milestone came way ahead of time for our pride and joy, usually starting between 9 to 12 months, with the early bloomers usually getting it down only as early as 8 months. Our little gymnast is only 7 and a half months old! She also does a mean downward dog (from sitting!) and already planks like a champ.

I will keep you updated on her progress, because I am confident that she will surpass even my highest expectations. I really do believe in this Weston A. Price, ancestral health, and (sure, I’ll call it) Paleo approach. The more I follow these recommendations, the more positive effects I get, especially for my child. When you’re getting most of your calories from butter, the sky’s the limit!

Interview I checked out yesterday of an EMF expert by Dave Asprey.

(In the above interview, I found out why grounding pads don’t work too well for the electrically sensitive, which is something I’ve experienced firsthand.)


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