Do I Approve of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency for Survival?

I have been obsessed with cryptocurrency for a couple years now, having started investing since my last post in 2016. I believe it is a good way to invest and hedge yourself against potential financial collapse, precipitated by an unsustainable system. The Federal Reserve can create money out of thin air, in unlimited supply.

I am just trying this to see whether this site I just found—which is supposed to give you $10 a day in Bitcoin for simple tasks like posting links—works. I’ll let you know either way!

Forgive the intrusion on our otherwise health-oriented content. I highly recommend reading through our in-depth analyses of World Government, and the “revolving door” corruption of government agencies and corporations.

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Rob was the valedictorian of his high school (his last claim to fame), but now believes that academics are overrated. He is a musician and former copy editor, and is now studying independently as an amateur nutritionist, businessman, and writer/rocker against world government and for liberty. He is also attempting to obtain a PhD in squats, deadlifts, shoulder raises, rows, bench press, dips, and pull-ups.

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