What You Need to Know About the Film Snowpiercer—AGENDA 21, Part 1 (No Spoilers)

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There are times in life when synchronicity seems to occur in massive doses in many different arenas. The stars align, trees falling in the forest start to cry out to you, and suddenly all Cadillacs have spontaneously turned pink. Every scrap of media I find right now seems to be a shiny yet ominous piece of the jigsaw puzzle of globalization and Agenda 21 (a good sign that I’ve been listening to InfoWars way too much!) Hopefully by starting with this confession I can sort of qualify my sanity (by admitting the partial insanity fed by my current taste in alternative media) as I relate some of the more obscure (in nature) but very blatant (in presentation) themes of the movie of interest, Snowpiercer.

Below is Snowpiercer‘s official trailer:

Just a quick and shallow review of the movie: Snowpiercer is a futuristic sci-fi/action flick starring Chris Evans (Captain America) and directed by Bong Joon-ho (the Host—which is, by the way, probably the best creature feature of all time). It is visually stunning, perfectly acted, at times darkly comical, and narratively compelling. It has a bit of a slow start, but only if you are an impatient viewer not willing to wait through some essential plot points for the good stuff that unfolds later. The action, when it comes, is enough to keep any motion-stimulated viewer interested, but it doesn’t get in the way of the major themes and conclusions weaved through the employment of psychedelic cinematography among unique post-apocalyptic sets and inexplicably profound acting from an international cast. The major thematic points are class (a very superficial part of the picture, as I’ll elaborate on later), the human spirit and its desire for freedom, and of course the consequences of domination in all aspects of life by a global government.

Agenda 21

So let me talk about Agenda 21 first. Wikipedia describes it as “a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development. It is a product of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992.” There is so much more to it than this, folks!  I haven’t read through all the documents involved with it, but they are: a book called “Our Common Future” by Maurice Strong, a United Nations pamphlet you can get on the U.N. website in PDF form called “Agenda 21,” a President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD) pamphlet called “Towards a Sustainable America,” and the Global Biodiversity Assessment.

The theory is most convincingly based on a map of the U.S. devised by the U.N. to zone and designate areas of wildlife and human activity with the intention of “protecting” biodiversity. The expectation of a heinous dystopian employment of the plan by the global elite has plenty of debunks and debunkers, but there are equally as many people who have put it all together into a cohesive theory (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GykzQWlXJs). You could work it out for yourself from all the facts that are presented in the provided documents, but people have looked into this for a couple decades now and generally come to the same conclusions, especially from the map. I’d say start with the provided YouTube video and go from there. The documents themselves have the actual “agenda” veiled in so much political jargon that it would take a while to arrive at the same conclusions without an advanced platform of knowledge. The crucial verbiage (or herbage as pertains to their intentions) and concepts to remember about Agenda 21 are biodiversity, sustainability, and the sequestration of humans to protect nature. Here is the map. 


My Environmental Caveat

I want everyone to know that I am all for protecting the environment. By allowing corporations and individuals, and maybe the government (?), to run amok polluting the environment with all kinds of weird chemicals, plastics, and heavy metals, we have definitely compromised it as a species. There is definitely room for regulation and organization of the people to put our heads together on how to fix the problem we have all taken part in creating. There are definitely a lot more logical and scientifically sound solutions than some of the stuff that has come through the pipeline (especially the obsession with carbon dioxide that they’ve got us all held hostage over). However, the problem I’m addressing is perfectly exemplified in the above map: We should be wary of how those in power might use (or be using) these environmental concerns and our collective guilt over the destruction of the environment to control us more and more utterly.

The Hunger Games Train Connection (or Corridor)

I’d like to level with the general movie-going public by providing a more prominent example of the influence of Agenda 21’s looming shadow in a very high-profile movie. Hunger Games is a terrific series (in my opinion) with a serious dystopian theme. Yeah, the stuff that happens in the dome where they fight can be a little bit kooky to some extent (as far as believability goes), but what happens outside is not too far from some of the possibilities of what Agenda 21 proposes. Other people have done a pretty thorough job in making these connections, so I’ll refrain from going through a whole essay about it and let you read up on that one yourself.

However, I’d like to focus on the train motif in the Hunger Games. You probably noticed a large part of the movie takes place traveling between the heroes’ district and the capitol in what seems to be a sort of corridor system (exactly the word you see at the bottom of the map provided). Corridors in the film as well as in the proposed map apparently serve the purpose of keeping humans away from nature when they inconveniently need to get to another part of the country—and this only as a luxury for the ruling body and individuals of note. In this present reality, for the past couple decades, we’ve uniformly gotten a message from the government (in the form of PSAs, in school, and from mainstream news) that cars (a symbol of excess to the gov’t/freedom to the individual) are a problem and are unsustainable. (Yes, the word “sustainable” is used in a few well-placed moments in Snowpiercer, so I was able to check off that particular Agenda 21 box.) But back to trains—there is this push toward a concise urban communal “utopia” where we all crowd onto trains everyday to go back and forth to and from work. This already happens in a lot of cities. In any case, the push for a return to train-sportation is not a romantic throwback, but could be part of an agenda to control when and how we get places (as well as what places we can go). Hunger Games effectively represents this dichotomy, showing the futuristic amenities, while emphasizing a rustic “vintage” design. You see this interplay between antiquity and novelty throughout the film—not just in the train scenes. It also poignantly highlights the disparity between the oppressed districts and the affluent capitol.

Whereas Hunger Games prominently features a train, Snowpiercer whole-hog takes place on a train (just in case you hadn’t gathered that from the preview). It utilizes a “perpetual motion” engine and seems to go around the entire globe once a year, “piercing” the drifts of ice and snow that have formed on the tracks in the aftermath of a geoengineering fix gone wrong. The governing body on the train even encourages worship of the engine, which kind of reflects the obsessions some people have for trains in the present—but of course is more referential to the tendency of an authoritarian government to portray themselves or their instruments/accomplishments as worthy of worship (à la Kim Jong Un).

Let me just jump in here right now—not as a spoiler but because it is a conclusion drawn from context and not ever confirmed in the film—the train in this movie which is the savior of mankind, or as they call it “the rattling ark,” is a government-created solution to a problem created by the government, and this problem was created intentionally to put all of mankind on a train. The train in this film, instead of simply being representative of the ruling body’s control over our movements from place to place, has brilliantly been pushed beyond this status into something far more sinister: It is a prison in which we are controlled absolutely by those in control.


Let me cover the premise of the movie a second: At the beginning, we are inundated with an audio-montage of reports of people “protesting” global warming worldwide. I don’t think they use the more (snickering as I say this) politically correct term climate change in this intro, probably because they want to underscore the need to “cool” the planet. The prologue script informs us of what’s going to happen. Basically, to stop global warming, the government decides to spray a substance in the atmosphere to “block the sun” and prevent any further warming. They do, and duhhhh, the Earth goes into another ice age. That’s what happens when you block the sun, geo-nius-engineers.


Here’s a video a guy compiled covering the intro and giving his input on global warming:

Please take whatever he says with a grain of salt. He is basing a lot of these statements on things he’s read and intuition and doesn’t provide proof. You’ll have to do the research yourself to see. But in this YouTuber’s support, here is a petition of 31,000+ scientists, 9000+ of them PhD’s opposing the theory of global warming. Also, watch this YouTube video from the founder of the Weather Channel and find out the history of global warming.

After the prologue script, we are treated to the first film-quality shot of two jets flying by and leaving persistent contrails/chemtrails in their wake! These would be of course dispersing the “fictional” aerosol, “CW-7,” into the atmosphere to block the sun. If you haven’t read our post on chemtrails, or stratospheric aerosols, please do so. The gist behind those things is, the patents and government panels involving geoengineering and stratospheric aerosols no question exist, but we’re not sure if they’re already deploying them above our heads without permission. Some concerned citizens and scientists have done some soil, rain, and lake water testing and found anomalies in amounts of aluminum, barium, and strontium in the same ratios as the patents, so there’s a good chance they’re at least trying some of these aerosols. This is totally uncool from an environmental as well as a constitutional perspective.

The Controversy: Weinstein May Have Demanded Chemtrails Cut Out!

Why this whole thing is groundbreaking: This blatant connection between persistent contrails (chemtrails) and geoengineering has never been made on film. The government and corporations uniformly portray this as hands-down a conspiracy theory (this includes Joe Rogan and the Sci-Fi channel, by the way). This film not only shows chemtrails as a representation of stratospheric aerosols meant to protect the Earth from warming, but actually goes on to have the intended consequence backfire (or back-ice as it were) and create a situation where the remainder of humanity is required to reside in a position of subjugation.

So, if you look at the Wiki for this film, and several corroborating articles, you’ll find that Harvey Weinstein, the CEO of the Weinstein Company, who was responsible for Snowpiercer‘s release, held 20 minutes of the movie hostage, purportedly because he wanted it to be “understood by audiences in Iowa … and Oklahoma.” I really think that the controversial nature of the significance of the chemtrails shot made the execs in Hollywood a little bit nervous. What 20 minutes did he want cut? There’s no way to know unless we could get a hold of Bong Joon-ho or someone involved with making the film, or a copy of the cut that would have passed Weinstein’s inspection.

Regardless, the revelation of the premise at the beginning instantly made the movie 10 times more interesting to me, and I was ABSOLUTELY PSYCHED for this movie even before that. (I hadn’t read a synopsis, because I knew I wanted to see it when I heard it was the director of The Host.)

PART 2: Snowpiercer—Agenda 21 (or Class Warfare)?

WARNING: The next part will have spoilers!

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