Our First Video Blog (Vlog)


We (Rob and Rachel) make a pledge to make more “vlogs” for their site. We’re really gonna do it this time, guys! We cover some of the stuff we’ll be doing, and we even have some unexpected occurrences and advice for you during this filming! Think two small white dogs appearing out of nowhere.

It’s gonna be so awesome. There’s gonna be lasers. laserdogs, spaceships, contrails, constipation remedies, mega man references, rush catapult, and even nonsequitors!


Offended dogs and fart noise fail.

Also, Rob’s failed attempts at mouth-produced fart noises at the beginning were pretty hilarious.

The rest is just first vlog-blog awkwardness. Some editing humor, too.

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Rachel is a certified Yoga teacher, a Les Mills instructor, a wife, and graphic and web designer. She likes cooking healthy food from scratch, being creative while productive, writing, and listening to new wave music. Mostly, Rachel likes to read books on spirituality and philosophy. Despite her fascination with a dystopian future, she is generally a very cheerful person!


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