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This has been a long-time coming. So I finally got my hands on a copy of the penultimate eBook for gut health, written by John Brisson, the owner of I jumped on the chance to give it the proper review it deserved. You can go on Amazon and buy this, or you can head over to right now and buy it in its new and revised 3rd edition. Then while you’re there, proceed to read every gut-lovin’ article you can hover your cursor over.

Here is my review:

I have been a reader of articles on for a very long time (since before this excellent guide was released, and during its development). A lot of the information and protocols herein had previously been (and continue to be) provided by its author free of charge on holistic health forums around the web. Mr. Brisson knows what he’s doing, from his own experience and relentless research, which he imparts effectively and concisely in this definitive guide to gut health.

The approaches this guide provides for dealing with specific digestive (and otherwise) ailments, diagnosed and undiagnosed, are exactly what someone in need of assistance in managing a chronic illness requires for relief. In the guide, each condition (even down to very specific symptoms such as acid reflux or gallbladder issues, like I’ve dealt with) comes with a protocol that goes after the root of the problem but also a protocol for alleviation of the symptom using targeted supplements. Every contingency possible is accounted for in the provision of a plan for what you’re trying to find relief from, because everyone is very different and has different allergies and sensitivities to deal with. This is perfect for someone like me, because I can’t even tolerate coconut oil, so I’ve had to try a lot of different approaches. I’ve consulted with John before, and he’s always personally had another option when something I’d tried was giving me problems. In my personal consultations with the owner of Fix Your Gut, I’ve had a lot of success in dealing with my gut issues.

The information in this book is honestly what you’ve been looking for if you’ve been searching for a long time on the Internet without relief, and especially if you’ve been passed around from specialist to specialist in the failing conventional medical system. As Hippocrates said, all disease begins in the gut. The success you can achieve in your overall health using this approach is indeed a testament to this statement. Look no further than this eBook for a way to start down your path of restoring this mysterious gateway to wellness.

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