Help us find an MCS, Mold, and EMF safe home for our family

Help us find an MCS, Mold, and EMF safe home for us and our child

Help us find an MCS, Mold, and EMF safe home for us and our child

Kind-hearted souls,

I am the wife of an MCS/Mold/EMF-sensitive husband, Rob. We are expecting our first child to be born on November 15, and we are still currently looking for safe permanent housing ever since my husband got sick in our moldy home around 2012.

His health got better once we moved into another less moldy house with his parents. However, the house we’ve been in has had mold in the basement that up until recently (we didn’t think) was bugging us. This year things got worse again for Rob as the condition (and thus mold-level) of his parents’ house worsened through humidity and lack of money, time, and motivation for repairs of sources of moisture.

Rob has strived to deal with his symptoms through proper diet and exercise, but in the last 3 years since moving, he has never been 100% despite his 1000% effort to get better. He has ups and downs that mainly relate to his amount of mold exposure. The symptoms he has experienced are very unpleasant, including extreme fatigue, hives, rashes, worsening food allergies, nausea, sharp abdominal pain, sharp headaches, night sweats, muscular fasciculations (twitching), and myclonus (insomnia).

We’ve been moving from place to place trying to find a good night’s sleep for Rob, being allowed to crash in a few friends’ spare rooms out of the kindness of their hearts. However, these places are not designed for persons with sensitivities and are still not ideal for a family of three. Other places we’ve slept in include a tent and our car, which have both been very restful places for my husband so far, depending on where we are situated. As of this September, we’ve made the 24-hour Walmart parking lot our safe haven!

Sleeping every night in the car at parking lots with MCS

Sleeping in an EMF-, mold-, and chemical-free environment even 3 nights in a row has made a significant difference in reducing Rob’s symptoms to a more manageable level. He now spends significantly more time in the house that made him ill. Running HEPA filters and a dehumidifier (set on 50% humidity at the lowest) has also helped with this. So though there are those who assume avoidance will only increase sensitivities, this is simply not true. Real recovery is possible through avoidance (which makes sense following the “toxic barrel” theory). We need a place where he can catch up and get better!

Working, living, and sleeping outside with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity), mold, and EMF (elecromagnetic frequency) sensitivity

Safe Housing Checklist: Pros and Cons for MCS, Mold, and EMF sensitive

We’ve been documenting on YouTube our journey of finding safe housing, but we cannot possibly cover everything considering 1) the time we have on our hands to earn our living, 2) the limited time Rob can stand being in our main base of operations without feeling too ill, and 3) the time we have left before our baby is born.

I believe my husband’s condition and those of other victims of MCS, mold, and EMFs to be real and life shattering. Many of these individuals are single, divorced, and living alone. Worst of all, many are ridiculed, mocked, and discredited by conventional doctors. Due to lack of funding, conflicting corporate interests, and scientific skepticism, little research has been done. Because there is also so little help they get, some of them even end their lives after losing all hope.

You can watch a free documentary online about MCS to learn more:


I am coming from the perspective of a victim’s wife, who is fully healthy but very much understanding and supportive of my husband. I would like to at least see one of the victims of MCS, my dear husband, live and have a family and a safe home with me. Once we are whole (or at least in a safe place), we also want to do our part, give back, and start working towards bettering the lives of fellow MCS sufferers around the world!

Also, please consider our child. Our little one needs your help, because we are lacking in strength and opportunity. I can only do so much being pregnant.

Help us find our baby a safe home (MCS, Mold, EMF Sensitive)

We continue to trust in God in all of this, and we are keeping our spirits high! Please bless us with your prayers and whatever else you can send our way.

Much love,

Rob and Rachel


You can also watch updates on our journey with MCS, mold, and EMF sensitivity on our vlogs:


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  1. oh i can relate – allergies and sensitivities up the gallon – one thing i can suggest – check out Sherry A. Rogers’ books on environmental sensitivities – she’s an MD who’s been dealing with it for years and can relate

    • Myself and both my daughter’s currently suffering from MCS EMF Chiari 1 ME Food allergies etc etc. All after a home with chinese drywall, mercury exposure and black mold. My 11 year old is diabetic and gets 8 shots a day plus all of the above and my 9 year old is deaf and has cochlear implants and had hydrocephalus as a baby. My hubby of 11 years couldn’t take anymore and moved out and turned to drugs. We live in a gated community where everyone has an amazing life and are tired of just making it through the day. If you find somewhere safe to live please please share. You’re a beautiful supportive family. Praying for you all.

  2. So sorry you’re going through this, have you guys entertained living in a dryer state where humidity is less of an issue? Hoping you find a happy & safe home soon!

  3. as someone who suffers from an immune disease I can totally relate….living with any kind of health problem can be really stressful. Your husband is lucky to have your support, so many people with health problems never get the support from their closest ones and those who matter the most. It is not easy to keep one’s spirit up at times, but we must always keep a place for hope in our heart. Sometimes finding just a few minutes in a day to breathe and relax can mean so much.

  4. I’m so sorry that you’re going through all this. You are showing tremendous strength and courage. I really hope that you have found a safe place by now where your family can thrive and heal. I also struggle with finding housing due to all the chemicals in the world. It is great that you’ve started this website.

    • Thanks so much, Joe! I am actually a fan of your site. I haven’t read everything, but I really like your approach. I would love to stay at your place. $5000/month is looking a little too steep. I might have to take out a loan, though, because sometimes it’s pretty bad here, still.

    • Hello Laurie,

      Thank you so much for reaching out. We ended up in the same place. I know what it’s like to not have a place to go. Did you find a place? Are you okay?

  5. Hi, my wife has similar issues going on 15 years now. We have beaten the mold by building a home specifically for that purpose, but now she has become sensitive to paper, fibers, etc. Further, the groceries in our area put flowers in vases everywhere and she is so sensitive we can no longer use these stores at all. So I feel for you. Like to know if you fond solution to your living issue, and has any luck with any treatments?

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