How to: Proper Storage and Bottles for Essential Oils + Giveaway!

How to Store: Essential Oils, Perfumes, and other volatile liquids

How to Store: Essential Oils, Perfumes, and other volatile liquids

Ever wonder why certain liquids such as essential oils, some beauty oils and perfumes, or even your olive oil are usually stored in a dark glass container as opposed to plastic or a clear container? It’s because unlike other liquids, these types of oils are very volatile and can easily be damaged by the sun.

Olive oil can become rancid (oxidizes) and therefore becomes unfit for consumption when not stored properly. Essential oils tend to lose a lot of their therapeutic value and their wonderful scent when oxidized. That Chanel No. 5 may not be fake after all—it could just have gone bad because you left it out in your car exposed to the sun too long!

So how do you store liquids containing these precious oils? 

  • Make sure they are in dark glass bottles (amber, dark cobalt, dark green, violet). Clear containers let in a lot of the sun’s UV rays and therefore damages the oil. Plastic and rubber (cap) on the other hand deteriorate and even melt through time because of the oil’s acidity. You don’t want BPA in your oils!
  • Make sure that the lid is tightly sealed and airtight when not in use. Some oils and oil mixtures evaporate easily more than others.
  • Store in a cool, dark place like your dresser or cabinet
  • Keep away from heat and flammable sources like your stove, lamp, the window
  • During really hot summer days, store in fridge. Shake bottle before using.
  • For general safety, keep away from children and animals’ reach’
  • Label each bottle, so you or somebody else doesn’t mistake costly organic essential oils for cheap cleaning solution! I like to use strips of paper with tape over it. It’s not a good idea to write directly on stickers or on the bottles themselves, because the ink gets messed up when it gets wet.


Now on to the fun part!


Essential Glass Bottles (EGB) is kindly giving away a whole set of these gorgeous oil bottles for your essential oils, perfumes, and other liquid storage needs! They come in different colors, sizes, designs, and applications (spray, roll on, etc.). These are PERFECT for a fun DIY project, to store your own essential oils, or as a gift.

Essential Oils Glass Bottles Giveaway

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  1. I would use this set of essential oils glass bottles as a gift for my friend Amanda and hoping that one day I may see and learn how she uses them.

  2. I just tried lavender essential oil, and like to spray it as a freshener on just about everything! It would be nice to give a few of these pretty bottles with my own blend as holiday gifts.

  3. I would finally have beautiful bottles to use with my essential oils. I tend to just mix a little at a time because I know that they will go bad quickly if I do not have the proper storage containers. These are beautiful and would be such a treat. I have a small box of essential oils that I love and it would be great to make better use of them. THANKS!

  4. I’m just getting into EOs, I only have 6 of them but I would love to make some of the specialty blend so I would use the bottles to store specialty blends and maybe some lavender spray. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  5. The pretty bottles I would use for my homemade perfumy oil blends that are for soothing, calming, smelling great. I make homemade cleansers so the bigger bottles would be used for that. And medicinal blends would go in the typical bottles!

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