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Alright, everybody, it’s time for us to channel our inner hippy and stink up the place! Just kidding! That’s a bad stereotype. Hippies had the right idea, for real, on so many things. They were so right to question the establishment, and I’ve always been particularly impressed with their precognitive avoidance of processed foods and sugar long before the whole Paleo thing was popularized. They did have a less-than-ideal tendency towards veganism, but that’s understandable, because in their heyday, it was the best way to avoid the antibiotics, added hormones, and corn-fed nastiness of industrial meat.

Let me start with the good news: There’s really no need for soap, shampoos, shaving cream, toothpaste and other hygiene products! You can make your own or even skip them altogether if you are brave enough 🙂 The food you eat will be your natural deodorant and toothpaste. If you are choosing to buy or use these products out of habit though, here are some guidelines for finding appropriate products:

    • Toothpaste without added fluoride and with no chemicals. We still brush out of habit. However, I went a whole week just brushing with activated charcoal, and my breath stayed fresh. Rob gets a touch of gingivitis when he doesn’t use at least something antibacterial (xylitol) for too long.


    • Coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, or whatever natural butter for lotions and shaving creams. You can buy a “safety razor,” where you only replace the blades once they go dull. It’s easy to clean off the oil or butter you use, and you will never have to buy razors ever again. They make razors the way they do now because they want you to keep replacing them. The popular brand for safety razors is Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor. There is also a helpful list online for the best safety razor blades when you are ready to replace your blade.


antibacterialsoap bad tricolasan paleo unsafe

You’ll want to stop buying hand sanitizers or soaps with antibacterial properties, because not only are they useless but they are also harmful, because they kill not only the bad but also the good bacteria, which help you fight infections and regulate so many physiological/psychological processes that you can’t really live without them. Parkinson’s is one condition said to be linked to overuse of antibacterial soaps, but I’m afraid the list of these bactericides’ effects is much longer. Just like when you’re chronically exposed to mold, having gut bacteria compromised by excess antibiotics/antibacterials makes it so anything and everything can happen to you due to the lowered immunity in your body.

We now offer soap! I have been making homemade breast milk soap using organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, glycerine, and organic olive oil! It is exquisite, and if you are a nursing mother, I will even use your breast milk if you send it to me. Please check out my store here.


B.(Y.)O. Deodorant

magnesium oil ancient minerals stinky bo body odor solution problem

God love him, my husband is the poster child for B.O. problems. Ever since childhood, Rob has had to deal with this embarrassing problem. As he likes to say:

“You know those days when you show up to school, and you took a shower (or didn’t), but you forgot to apply deodorant? Then the more nervous you get, the more sweaty and stinky you get? So sometimes you try to cover it up with your flannel (if it was the 90’s) or a jacket, but that only makes it even worse? Yeah, that was me.”

Well, it really all comes together for us now. Since we’ve gotten a grip on our bacterial imbalance after learning all of these wonderful secrets they never told us about health, we both rarely if ever suffer from bouts with body odor. Then again, sometimes Rob still stinks.

Rob has pinpointed several recurring triggers for his B.O.:

  • Stress/nerves
  • EMF exposure
  • Mold exposure
  • Antibacterial substances
  • Skipping/missing a meal

His theory is that all of these things result in massive bacterial die-off in his gut/system. This is why stress, with its vicious cycle of snowballing into more and more stress and thus more B.O., plays such a huge part. Stress increases cortisol, which can cause gut bacteria to die and will therefore emit more toxins. This makes perfect sense, because they have pinpointed the proliferation of B.O. directly to the action of bacteria.

Here is a mostly mainstream article from Fox News about it, describing eccrine (good) and apocrine (bad) sweat. It’s kind of oversimplified like good and bad cholesterol. Lame, but yeah, I guess the science is there. However, there is definitely a part of the picture missing. We both think it is more directly related to toxins being released from dying bacteria, not an overabundance of bacteria eating sweat on the skin like so many suggest, especially since it happens when he waits too long to eat. It usually occurs in tandem with other inflammation he experiences that also seem die-off related. There definitely needs to be more research done in this area.

In any case, he has found that the following things help the problem almost every time:

  • Do yoga (to destress)
  • Drink water (helps a little)
  • Eat a meal with veggies and/or carbs (feeds the gut bacteria and keeps them from dying off and stinking)
  • Apply magnesium oil to skin (works about half the time). We use Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil.

Here is a whole article with some pretty good natural solutions to body odor. They do get into the gut bacteria angle a little, which is something I’m sure we’ll see more and more of in the future, God-willing. For now, though, rest in the assurance that your newly adopted Paleo lifestyle/diet will get you on a path to not even needing showers most of the time! It worked for me almost 100%!



Water is essential to hygiene, and it is important to drink a lot of it, as well as immerse yourself in it once in awhile. The quality of the water you bathe in and the water you drink is of the utmost importance.

Drink spring water. If not, invest in a water filter that filters out everything but the minerals. The filter doesn’t have to remove all of the fluoride, because there is a natural level of fluoride that exists in water. It’s what has been added to your tap water that greatly exceeds the natural levels. Filtered water is something we still need to look into, because it’s a chore to keep buying huge jugs of water so often—not to mention all that plastic we’re dumping into our poor environment 🙁

We’ve been thinking of doing reverse osmosis then running it through a Zen Water device to reintroduce minerals. I really hope that it doesn’t make the water too alkaline, because I believe water should be nice and acidic to help with digestion. So does Dr. Mercola. I haven’t looked into the complications of doing this yet, but I do know that reverse osmosis without adding the minerals back in is not natural at all and shocks your system by depleting your own body’s minerals. You’ll want something that replicates spring water, if you can’t afford spring water or do not want to deal with the plastic.

For now, we drink Deer Park, because it has a good acidic pH of about 6.5, and as far as I know, it is from the source, great Appalachian water from Pennsylvania/New Jersey.


Briefly, I’d like to reinforce my implication that you need to be just as concerned about the kind of water you’re bathing in as what you’re drinking. Mercola often says that you can get a bigger dose of gut bacteria–murdering chlorine from a shower (even more when its hot) than from a glass of water. Please, friends, do not bathe in chlorinated water. Rob has personally had experiences where his candida/mold symptoms have become drastically worse from a 5- to 10-minute shower. Even before he had those kinds of problems, he used to take a shower whenever he was nauseated and always would end up throwing up after a few minutes (then thinking this was a good sign). There are tons of other nasty things in your water that will mess you up, too, like fluoride, antibiotics, other psychotropic drugs, and just general pollution.

We are fortunate enough to have well water, which is awesome, though I’m still concerned about pollutants that are precipitated even in general groundwater. This is probably not something we need to worry about, but your pipes, if copper or some combination of metals, could be adding excess heavy metals to your body. Though we haven’t tried them, there are many affordable shower-head filters available to remedy this problem. I’ve been interested in checking out something from the ProPur line, but again I’m a little worried about losing too many of the minerals and having leeching from my body upon skin contact. Luckily, my husband and I both only take showers every few days :-/ so we don’t worry too much about just showering in the well water.

Hair Dyes/Makeup

hairdye natural ingredients organic

Not that I think this is necessary, but you know, it’s always an option! I use hydrogen peroxide, lemon, and sometimes baking soda to lighten my hair. Coloring takes certain herbs or spices, like cinnamon to make red or chamomile to make yellow (or simply to lighten). You wouldn’t want to add poisonous chemical dyes in your food or skin, where it gets absorbed faster.

My next project is to figure out what to do for makeup. So far, the only natural thing I’ve tried is using coffee grounds for brown pigments sometimes.

Cleaning Agents

cleaningagents natural organic diy safe non toxic paleo healthy hippie hygiene kitchen bathroom

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Elbow grease

I don’t always use these, because it’s definitely so much easier to buy a safe “green” brand! You would save more, though, if you only used these ingredients to clean kitchens, bathrooms, and floors. We are particularly fond of hydrogen peroxide for coffee hygiene.

Keeping the Tooth Fairy Away Without Fluoride, and the Doctor Away Without an Apple a Day

rob activated charcoal teeth

Skip the dental insurance and Crest/Colgate products. I don’t know if many recommend this, but I would. Since you will rarely if ever get a cavity, tooth decay, toothache, or stinky breath, there’s no need for dental checkups, unless you get a toothache. I would even go so far as to say you shouldn’t go to the doctor unless you need to use their lab tests for various biohacking feedback (this gets expensive), or for any immediate fracture, injury, or emergency (like a possible appendix rupture or extremely high fever). This is why it is important to have some kind of insurance. We partake in a Christian healthcare sharing program called MediShare that is good for possible maternity (they allow midwives) and catastrophic coverage (it is 100% after “share portion” or basically deductible).

Routine checkups at the doctor are now equated with health in our Obamacare-pushing world of propaganda from the scientific elite. Really, they are not necessary, unless you like placing your health in the hands of glorified pharmaceutical salesmen that aren’t actively looking after your own health. Okay, there definitely are doctors who’ve historically promoted a holistic approach, along with those who you can dig up. Our family doctor actually openly admitted to me that he does the Perfect Health Diet by Paul Jaminet! He’s definitely worth hitting up every once in awhile I guess.

The world is really busy, though. We admit to going into overdrive because of our business sometimes, compromising on some things. For the times you do get checkups, make sure you avoid the use of radiation-emitting devices if at all possible. It really increases the risk and the severity of whatever it is they are checking on you for! Doctors won’t really admit that or know that, because they themselves are busy people and can only take information that is presented to them in qualified form from an approved source. This is again the power of establishment science.

Also, keep in mind that it is very prudent to avoid, through vigilant health practices, spending time in the emergency room, and especially the ICU. First of all, this is where things get very expensive (again where insurance comes in handy). But more importantly, extended time in the ICU can leave you with a nasty complication like MRSA (staph) or candida. People don’t talk about candida, a lot, but I’ve definitely seen its proliferation in a close friend of ours who was in the ICU after a near-fatal car accident.

That’s all I can think of right now as far as money saving goes! If anything else comes up, I will share them with you. If there’s anything you do that saves money while being healthy, let us know, too!

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  1. Electromagnetic waves make Rob smell bad, but yoga helps fix that! Wow, I sure love this Great American internet of ours.

    • Uh, even if I wasn’t on the Internet, I would still notice when I had sudden onset B.O. And I would just talk about it, or take note of it? The Internet is a place where you can discuss things you notice. Great American Internet? The Internet is international the last time I checked.

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