EMF Dangers for Infants & Children: Are iPhones Safe for Babies?


One thing I’m a bit reluctant to get into is children’s health. As the old adage goes, “People that don’t have kids are always trying to tell people how to raise kids.” –Or something to that effect. I’ve been delving into the topic of pediatric and developmental health, mainly because I was poisoned by various “safe” sources as a child, and I want nothing more than to warn people about the things they can do easily to keep kids from suffering in ways similar to myself.

One nasty modern pollutant I haven’t covered much that I probably got a bit of a taste of as a child, but way more as an adult, was EMF radiation. As a child, I would have been graced with the pleasure of its company in the form of ambient magnetic fields from various electronic devices in the house, portable (or as the British say “DECT”) phones, and radio frequencies. So I dodged the bullet for the most part as a kid, but as a teenager and an adult, I lived over the hill from a giant radio tower. The frequency was so powerful that the channel it hosted (102.7 in Baltimore) blared constantly from any electronic audio device and even some non-audio devices. You know how some people pick up radio stations in their fillings? Yeah, it was kind of like that, but I didn’t have fillings (THANK GOD!)

Though I resisted getting a cell phone all the way up through my sophomore year in college (just to be different or fringe or something), I ended up becoming pretty obsessed with the stupid thing through the time I was courting my wife in 2007. We had a long-distance relationship, so I used to sleep with my ear on the phone talking to her as we fell asleep (awww… yeah, we were really clingy). The radiation that was dispersing through my head throughout the night was not cute, however. In fact, as I descended into the darkest days of my mold toxicity in 2012 to early 2013, I developed a near-constant ache where the cell phone used to be plastered to my head—my temple—and I am certain that this was not a coincidence. As I will reference later, cell phones tend to “loosen up” cells by vibrating them, allowing things to be absorbed more easily. This might have included the mycotoxins I had circulating in my bloodstream, and it also may have been the heavy metals built up in my bloodstream.

The problem of cell phone radiation has been “being looked into” since the 90’s by some perhaps not-so-well-meaning individuals. Most of the studies are funded and approved by cell phone companies. The whole issue is covered and referenced in great detail in the documentary Resonance: Beings of Frequency, which can be found on YouTube. Basically, the studies have historically come out as pretty inconclusive. There are SAR ratings on phones that supposedly would help to protect from overuse. Also, there are warnings in the manual for every iPhone that requires for “safe” operation of the device the maintaining of 20 cm or more away from the body. Immediately, my mind goes to images of babies lying on cell phones or iPads after astounding their parents by breaking records on their bubble pop game of choice and falling asleep.

I had until recently only heard a few things that were up to date about the dangers of EMF, one of which was a study that was reported around the middle of 2013 involving sperm count and laptops. That study at the time convinced me to never put a laptop on my lap again and made me kick myself over and over about the countless nights I’d spent listing stuff on eBay with a burning hot, wireless-enabled laptop on my legs. However, I didn’t react to the info by avoiding EMFs in general. No, it wasn’t expansive enough information. It only specifically warned of laptops with wireless, so that was all I was able to garner from the info. I was to learn so much more in the ensuing year.

One particular experience that woke me up was a sudden severe disruption of my sleep and digestion that suddenly came on. I felt like I went back a year in my recovery within a very short time (actually a matter of hours). I couldn’t figure it out. I switched up my supplements, eliminated possible food allergens, and just freaked out in general. After 3 or 4 painful and almost sleepless nights, I think I heard on a YouTube video or read in an article about how EMFs can mess up your gut bacteria. I think it was in this convoluted but definitely interesting series of Jack Kruse articles. I quickly put together that we had just switched to Comcast from Verizon, and maybe that had something to do with it. After further investigation, I found out that my parents, unbeknownst to me, had not gotten rid of Verizon after the switch.

WHAT?! I immediately plugged in all of my laptops via ethernet cable (remember those old things?) and begged Comcast to shut off the wireless capability on my router. Yes, you are unable to switch off your wireless on the actual router with the last generation of Comcast routers. In the newest generation of routers they don’t allow wireless-free mode at all (!), as I subsequently found out when I was forced to “upgrade” to a new router after a complete loss of service when 2 months of happy “bridge mode” came to an end. It’s a freaking evil conspiracy, I’m telling you! On top of the new routers not being bridge mode–capable, they have TWO built-in frequencies that are automatically turned on in every router when you hook it up. I can’t… I just can’t deal with it.

Anyway, once I got it all shut off (except for my parents’ wireless signal from their Verizon router, because they’re old, stubborn, and lazy), I recovered within two nights. To get it shut off, we ultimately had to beg Comcast for one of the old routers without wireless. It had just one port, so it wasn’t even really a router, but a modem. Then we had to go through the arduous task of finding a router that didn’t have wireless built in. This was way more difficult than it needed to be. This is the model we ended up with.

Just for reference, here is a YouTube I watched at the time of EMFs generated by a wireless-enabled router and the difficulty of shutting off wireless mode on the new routers.

What I recovered from:

  • extreme digestive disturbances mostly involving burping
  • lots of achiness in “trouble spots” like the back of my legs, my neck, and my lower back
  • random twitches of my muscles or muscular fasciculations—let’s just say I punched the crap out of my headboard
  • myclonus, the worst possible thing that can happen short of a seizure when you’re in bed: what feels like a lightning bolt wakes you up as you’re just about to fall asleep (some relate it to how you get that falling feeling in bed and then suddenly twitch awake)

Actually, my wife experienced severe myclonus as well, so we were basically punching each other randomly in bed all night!

So what is my point? What is the masterplan that I’m contemplating with this article? To be honest, I forgot. Just kidding. Oh yeah, watch this video:

Credit goes to Bad Lip Reading for creating this hilarious remix and redub of Game of Thrones (a show that I don’t watch because of the sexual content, but honestly you don’t really need to know the show to find this funny). See the original full version.

I couldn’t help but hone in on the “iPhones for Babies” line, because it is not far from the truth. Toddlers are always on their stinking iPads like all day long, thanks to their parents’ need to keep them occupied. Not that classic parent-to-child interaction could fill that gap—but honestly, put in the same situation, I would probably do the same thing if I didn’t place such a high value on optimization of health and mental development. Who’s to say that I won’t fall into this trap when I do have kids? Well, in the meantime, I’m trying to fight the notion that these things are safe. They’re not.

iphones baby cellphone case ipad fisher price

I don’t doubt that the BLR guy (who still remains anonymous by the way) actually thinks that iPhones for babies are a good idea. If he buys into the medical majority, he probably doesn’t think that it’s really that big of a deal for toddlers to play with iPads or to let babies chew on cell phones. They do, people, they really freaking do. They even have “teething” cases marketed for parents who can’t keep their phone away from the infant biding its time in their arms. I know it sounds like it, but I’m not making this up.

Getting to the point (finally!), this article is actually about Dr. Devra Davis, a wonderful, respected, and credible scientist who is doing her best to raise awareness of such things and the dangers of EMFs in general—more specifically to the development of children. Here’s Huffington Post’s list of Devra’s accomplishments along with some of her contributions to their publication.

This interview with Alex Jones was my first introduction to her:

She really seems to be fighting the fight, and I hope that her impact continues to grow. Thank you, Devra!

Another video of hers was a lot more in depth, as it was a full presentation of the research and the data. In it, she goes into a few precautions that parents can take in a moderate approach that doesn’t completely eliminate wireless devices from our lives but contributes to our peaceful coexistence with them.

Her general advice is strictly to plug in when you can, using ethernet cables, as I’ve described above, but for devices like iPads, which do not allow for a wired connection (again, blatantly part of a conspiracy to get us all hooked on wireless), she suggests following a specific procedure if you must allow your kids to use them:

  1. Have the parent download any new apps with wireless enabled on the iPad
  2. Put the iPad on “airplane mode” using the settings; this disables the wireless signal and protects your child from the related EMFs
  3. Allow the child to play the app, with the iPad on a desk, not in their lap, in airplane mode

So, apparently we’ve entered a whole new frontier with this wireless thing. It just freaks me out, honestly. There is so much information out there showing how this stuff is proliferating rapidly, through cell phones, wireless routers, and smart meters. Electrosensitive individuals are cropping up everywhere, too. One of my favorite resources is Lloyd Burrell, who goes into all the scientific data about EMF dangers on his site www.electricsense.com, but also provides solutions for how to detect and protect yourself from EMFs. He also interviews experts in the field regularly and provides a forum where people can ask questions and discuss their own personal experiences in protecting from the scourges of wireless radiation.

Please also look into the practice of earthing or grounding. Dr. Laura Koniver, the “intuition physician,” is a good source for this information. There is a whole documentary called The Grounded, which features Dr. Joseph Mercola and several experts on the subject. Grounding is basically walking outside on the earth barefoot, which allows electrons from the ground to enter your body, neutralizing any positive charge/voltage you may have built up from being disconnected from the earth. You see, the earth has a Schumann resonance that our bodies specifically respond to. Also, electrons are the ultimate “antioxidant,” as they neutralize positively charged particles.

One thing I’ve learned about grounding is that it is important to be away from excessive EMFs while you’re doing it. Your body can act more like an antenna for EMFs if there is an overwhelming amount of them, drawing the bad frequencies into your body and discharging them into the ground. Sometimes it’s better if they never come into your body, but I think there’s a sweet spot where if there’s just a little bit of EMF coming through, the Schumann resonance overpowers any negative effect the little amount of waves might be having. The science on this isn’t really too specific, but Lloyd Burrell said something to this effect that was pretty convincing based on all the experts he has interviewed. I have also read corroborating thoughts and opinions supporting this complication from electricians, hobby experts, and hobby researchers on several forums about grounding.

I’m not a big fan of grounding mats/sheets based on a personal experience I had of getting heart palpitations from using a plugged-in one I got from Dr. Mercola for a few hours. I think it is because of the antenna effect postulated above. Here is a review where I describe this experience in detail:

I am open to the idea of grounding bracelets due to some speculation I read from an electrician on a forum who said that the wide surface area of grounding mats/sheets lends to the proliferation of the antenna effect through the body. A smaller connection like a grounding bracelet would supposedly mitigate this. I will probably review one some day.

In the meantime, I am seriously contemplating building a cabin on my parents’ property where my wife and I can at least sleep and be grounded all the time.

We also have a series of videos that we’re planning to release of June 21, 2014, the Summer Solstice, when we spent the entire day and the nights before and after completely grounded, by keeping all of our food outside and sleeping in a grounded tent. Please look out for that!

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