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How do you tell your family and friends that you don’t use a cellphone, the microwave, or WiFi because of health considerations? How do we manage to live life socially while staying protected from uncertain and unsafe technologies? Here is our LIVE discussion with Lloyd Burrell of on the social aspects of living with electromagnetic sensitivity.

Lloyd Burrell is an expert on EMF (electromagnetic fields) safety and has been helping many souls regain their health through education about the dangers of unwanted frequencies, while giving practical tips on how to stay safe in this modern day. Click here to read what he says about this upcoming interview on his website.



Interview / Discussion with Lloyd Burrell of (on the Social Aspects of EMF Avoidance)


Friday July 3, 2015 ; 8am PST (10am Central, 11am Eastern)

Why listen?

To learn about the insidious dangers of EMFs from everyday technologies like your cellphones, WiFi, microwave, Bluetooth, etc. In this discussion, we will give a brief overview on how to protect yourself from radiation and we’ll discuss the social impact of your decision and how to adjust. This isn’t just for people who consider themselves electromagnetic sensitive. This applies to everyone.


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  1. Whereever two or more are gathered, light shines, and attention is drawn. Thank you to Lloyd, Rachel and Rob, for an informative hour on how to clean up our lives from the daily bombarment of EMFs. The social ramifications are real and the problems are endless. Staying focused on ourselves, keeping the truth at the forefront and not isolating ourselves from those who truly love us is crucial. It is very easy to feel sorry for oneself and to become depressed. I for one, choose a spiritual path of healing through meditation, good nutrition, cranial sacral therapy and other eastern medicine, finding that allopathic medicine does not have a place in this 21st century illness. I too believe EMFs are the single most important area and cause for concern and further testing must be done to connect the rise of all illness and disease to our over-exposed world of technology. This was great and the more of us who bring attention in order to help others, the better this world will be. We are all servants and we must all serve. Being an activist is good for some, but for others it is simply about being present and being informed; staying focused and healing will come. I am healing after being sent over the edge by a smart meter. I speak out about the dangers of smart meters and how imperative it is to remove them from our homes. Thank you guys!

    • Hi Susan!

      Thank you so much for your comment! I didn’t realize that I haven’t replied to this! We don’t get very many comments (or exposure) on this blog as much as we’d like to, so you would think I’d see this right away!

      I personally believe that you can’t fight the physical battle without going on a spiritual path, so I agree with what you’ve done! People may hide from spirituality or pretend that all there is is matter, but just like EMFs, it has an effect on their bodies, whether they like it or believe it or not.

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