This Osteopathic (Holistic) Doctor Could Unseat D.C. Royalty: Dr. Kelli Ward v. John McCain


I think Dr. Ben Carson’s vision of the U.S. returning to a political landscape comprising people of all professions and backgrounds, as opposed to career politicians, might be coming into focus. Kelli Ward, an osteopathic physician from Arizona came up the outright favorite in a poll against Sen. John McCain (R) in August 2015, early on in the race. If this doctor is able to unseat someone of this stature, the GOP’s former presidential candidate (2008 in case you forgot), it may signify a real paradigm shift in a “healthy” direction.

Why I Like Osteopathic Doctors

Since we’re primarily a health site, let’s cover the significance of this candidate’s profession in relation to the alternative health movement. I don’t know anything about her particular practice, but I do have some experience with D.O. physicians.

My take on osteopathic medicine is that it’s one of the best bets you’ve got if you come down with a chronic illness and have some money to spare to get proper treatment. When I was very sick from mold exposure and seeking treatment, the people with the most advanced knowledge of my condition almost uniformly referred me to doctors who happened to be osteopathic. Though they were extremely expensive, because my insurance now and at the time didn’t cover treatment from “cadillac” or “boutique” providers, their approach was absolutely appropriate and effective. Osteopathic medicine utilizes knowledge from all healing perspectives—most importantly that of digestive health. Also employing what’s necessary from conventional medicine, it utilizes supplements, IV treatments, extensive labs to test biomarkers, and pain management techniques to restore a patient using the most advanced knowledge at its disposal.

Conventional medicine from a primary care provider, or your family MD, is the wrong path to take, as it only treats symptoms. Your condition could be something like IBS, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia, mixed mold toxicosis, or MCS. As your illness progresses, you will likely start to show a multisystem (or idiopathic) presentation of symptoms, to which a conventional doctor will respond completely inappropriately by sending you to several different “specialists.” With them, you’ll probably end up with a stack of bills, a bigger list of prescriptions than you already had from your PCP, and an even more fractured sense of what is causing your ailment.

If you’re lucky, through this conventional and misguided approach, you will be sent to an immunologist, who will most likely understand that part of the root cause is chronic inflammation, which will lead you to seek out appropriate treatment. If you are unlucky, you will be sent to a gastroenterologist, who might help you if your major problem is a gluten allergy (but not a sensitivity), because they’re fairly aware of Celiac disease. However, they will most likely prescribe endoscopies and colonoscopies and miss the whole point by looking for physical damage in your intestines/stomach. They will not do anything to ascertain what your gut microbiology looks like. I really thought an endoscopy would determine if I had a microbial imbalance, but they are so far behind that they are only looking for cancerous and physically damaged tissue when they shove a probe down your throat/up your butt. If they find acid damage (which they did for me), they will most likely prescribe you PPIs (like Prilosec) if they haven’t already got you hooked on one.

Simply put, the answer to this is to approach illness, chronic or acute, through the root cause, which is clearly your digestion. Osteopathic doctors will use all the latest lab technology and testing to determine your microbiology, and they’ll prescribe digestive and pancreatic enzymes if needed, further utilizing biotoxin-binding elements like Welchol and chlorella/spirulina to try and rid your system of encumbrances to your natural healing pathways. They also use IV therapies to provide megadoses of glutathione, vitamin C, and magnesium as a “chelation” therapy for replenishing your cells of nutrients they’re deprived of. These are some of the keys to a very effective recovery from mold exposure, Lyme disease, and other complications from environmental illnesses and infectious disease.

McCain’s Legacy

My main experience and knowledge of John McCain comes from following the 2008 election very closely. I voted for him, but back then I was a mainline Republican. Recently I’ve awoken to a whole new side of the GOP that I never understood. John McCain is one of the best representations of a group of politicians that have been dubbed the neocons. Sounds like some term for a superhero villain faction, I know, but let me try to explain what this abbreviation for neoconservative means to me.

Officially, neoconservatives were a group that split off from the ’60s Democrats and became Republican because of their stronger and more “hawkish” view of foreign policy. Zeroing in on their contribution to the U.S. in the past decade or two, it is this “hawkishness” that has led to the perpetuation of wars abroad in the interest of National Security. I used to support all of these wars abroad that seemed to have the noble goal of spreading democracy, most notoriously through the Bush-Cheney-Rove-Rumsfeld administration.

I believed in our military intervention as a way to promote peace and “fight the bad guys.” I really bought it and got into some pretty negative interchanges with liberal friends about it during Bush’s extremely unpopular Second Term. What I wasn’t aware of—though some I argued with tried to educate me back then, albeit not very effectively—was the true motive behind these wars abroad.

What most Bush apologists didn’t know—don’t know—about these wars is the myriad hidden interests that were behind these regime changes and the perpetual War on Terror. The U.S.’s involvement in effecting regime change I now believe to be mostly based on maintaining the petrodollar. This can be shown in regard to Hussein and Gadafi, who were essentially each “taken out” when they started to take actions allowing for oil to be sold using different currency. As you’ll see in the video I’ve provided below, maintaining the dominance of the petrodollar is crucial for the U.S. to maintained its position as an economic superpower in the world.

When you think of U.S. interventionism in these terms, it doesn’t seem as noble a goal to send our troops to fight for. However, I still have no doubt that the majority of those fighting were fighting for the true ideal of liberty and democracy in the world, and to protect the innocent.

So from various sources and research on the PNAC (Plan for the New American Century), we can see that McCain and the rest of his neocon compatriots are pushing these wars abroad, not to actually spread liberty, peace, and democracy, but with a more sinister goal of destabilization and overspending to bankrupt our nation. It’s really all a ruse, and in fact, they are progressives in disguise, most likely quite amenable to the introduction of a World Government, which will inevitably lead to stricter controls on economies, the population, and our privacy (among so many other things). You can bet that if we can unseat a neocon like McCain, some progress is being made in the country, as well as the world as far as local sovereignty is concerned.

But even from the standpoint of domestic policy, we can do some real good by uprooting neocons like John McCain. We can reclaim some serious taxpayer money and balance the National Budget using the amount we save removing frivolous military expenditures, which are not for the cause of National Defense but actually for mafia-like bullying and provision of drug trafficking protections (like in Afghanistan). I don’t really know much about McCain’s domestic policy. He probably does want tax cuts in other arenas, but only to help out big corporations and the military industrial complex whom he’s beholden to.

McCain and Supplements

Here’s the clincher on the domestic side of this super-senator’s policies. McCain is known in the alternative health community for his antisupplement bill, the Dietary Supplement Safety Act (DSSA). The owner of my favorite local health shop made me aware of this. Apparently the bill lost steam in 2010, but there was a big to-do about it when it was being discussed. Thankfully, due to some effective activism, we have maintained our right to purchase and consume supplements under the preexisting Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA).

Healing the Root Cause in Politics

It only makes sense that an ostepathic physician like Kelli Ward would establish a no-nonsense political viewpoint like the Tea Party’s. It is (arguably) a grassroots movement that gets to the root cause of the challenges facing the U.S. by targeting extravagant and irresponsible spending that is leading to a rampantly expanding, out-of-control, shameful National Debt. Honestly, it really might be too late at this point, considering that we are living under a system of currency by fiat. It simply does not work:

However, looking past the doom and gloom of this presentation, at the very least we can celebrate the ascension of some prominent Tea Party candidates, like Kelli Ward, and the upheaval of Republican dinosaurs, or “rhinosaurs” as Kelli cleverly refers to them. Establishment GOP figures like John McCain pose as pragmatic conservatives, when in reality, all of their actions lend to a progressive agenda, including their push for strong National Security that just leads to further surveillance and the proliferation of fear among U.S. citizens. Awareness, as well as political opposition to the lies of the establishment, is a crucial element being represented when we see someone like Kelli Ward start to dominate in a race against a legacy politician like John McCain.

Let’s take a look at some elements of Kelli Ward’s platform (excerpts from her website below). It’s nothing really unique or special—just your standard Tea Party candidate’s rap sheet. It pretty much amounts to the bare minimum, Liberty 101 for how we start to take the country back:

“Failures of leadership have led to the problems we face in our state and our country: open borders, over 90 million Americans out of work, lost insurance and skyrocketing costs under ObamaCare, and a federal budget that only goes up. It’s time to change that.

[From the Jobs & Economy page]

  • We can’t continue to borrow and spend—we must free ourselves from our excessive debt burden

[Some of her response to Obamacare, which is predictably the most fleshed out part of her platform—like, Ben Carson fleshed out]

  • Obamacare in its entirety would be completely repealed, including all of its taxes and all of its regulations. That would also reverse Obamacare’s $800 billion in cuts to Medicare.
  • The Patient Power Plan will repeal of both the individual mandate and the employer mandate, liberating all Americans with the freedom to choose the health insurance they prefer in the market once again.

[From her immigration page]

  • Border Security is National Security
  • Secure our border NOW
  • No amnesty
  • No free rides for programs Americans have paid into
  • No more political games

ASIDE: Obviously, I love immigrants, as my wife is one, but she did things legally. Legal immigrants aren’t extremely fond of amnesty from my experience.

[On Education]

  • Parents, students, and local education experts should control education decisions, not Washington politicians
  • We need more quality, capable teachers, more student success, and less meddling and over-regulation by government bureaucrats
  • Education funding and priorities should focus on our children, not on overpaid union bosses and scoring political points
  • Big Government schemes like Common Core must be defeated

[On Faith & Family]

I believe that traditional principles and values strengthen our communities and make America stronger.

  • Pro-Life
  • Pro-Family
  • Pro-Freedom

ASIDE: Simple enough.

[On the Second Amendment (also simple)]

The Second Amendment is one of our most treasured liberties, and it must be protected. As a State Senator, I’ve fought to protect the right to bear arms from federal overreach, and I will do the same in Washington.

  • Oppose gun-grabbing schemes
  • Support the Second Amendment
  • Promote gun safety


So there you have it. I find that Tea Party candidates are fairly simple (but not simple-minded) people who are straight-up pro-American. Things get a little convoluted when foreign policy gets thrown in, but I like how candidates in the Senate get to focus on the basics a little more, because they’re not primarily involved in the carrying out of foreign policy. Dr. Kelli Ward may not just have the right prescription, but the key to the root cause of what ails our country. Perhaps it’s somewhat of a forced metaphor, but I like it.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t join the ranks of the 13 holistic doctors that died mysteriously in 2015. Being involved in the Tea Party and holistic healing does not bode well for Mrs. Ward’s safety. She is a very brave soul indeed.

Disclaimer: I am not involved in Kelli Ward’s campaign and have not been paid to promote her in any way. I don’t even live in Arizona, so I won’t have the pleasure of voting for her. I actually just found out about her today and thought it was neat that an osteopath was making some headway in politics.

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