The Problem with Avocados—They’re Too Good.


Can you really eat too many avocados? According to National Geographic, apparently you can, you do, and that makes you evil: “You’re Eating Too Many Avocados.”

This article is a riot. I hope more people read it. It is a perfect example of shaming consumers in order to spread an agenda different than what is being suggested. The agenda of this article is, on the surface, “sustainability,” in other words, the biggest environmental buzz word of our time. However, if you possess reason, you’d realize despite their guilt trip that just because some drug cartel guys in Guatemala are diversifying and getting involved in the avocado game, it doesn’t mean you are directly contributing to the problem when you partake greedily in this green commodity. The social action that needs to take place does not rest in our lap. It’s because of their screwed-up government that these cartels and their violence and infringement on human rights are allowed to proliferate.

Sure, it’s a complex topic, and it brings to mind sweatshops in China and extremely low-paying child/slave labor that allows for such cheap prices at Walmart. However, this article bemoans the most basic challenges of enterprise dealing with availability of resources that allow for the commodity’s production, i.e., water. The author even points out in a positive light how there are efforts being made by scientists in these countries to genetically modify avocados that require less water to grow. How exciting!!! GMO avocados, yay!!! Here is my comment, still “awaiting moderation,” where I respond to the author directly:

“I am watching you National Geographic. This is a people-shaming piece of phony communist UN-“sustainable” propaganda, and it’s also referred to as ‘manufactured scarcity.’ Are you so corrupt as to pretend that the “Invisible Hand” of the market no longer exists? ‘The regulators in Chile are finding a way to share the groundwater in an equitable way?’ Are you freaking kidding me?!

“Humans, the market, and nature, especially when it comes to natural non-GMO foods that don’t kill people, all come to an equilibrium on their own. When you start interfering with the market to the extent of effing with the genetics, you are definitely taking it too far and polluting the environment. You awful hypocrites! If they run out of water to irrigate their crops, they will find other things to grow in other places. The ones that have the most water will survive… or the ones who have it now will know that the water will run out someday, so they’ll bargain with others if they’re wise and find a way to keep the business going with the other farmers as the water settles in different areas! It’s so simple. And you are so misguided in your attempts to try and manipulate things. You’re the ones who are subhuman. You don’t even understand how to live in balance with nature by letting it take its course! Just give it up already. We’re onto you, and we won’t let you manipulate us!”

You’re Unsustainable!

I like stuff that’s sustainable—if it’s for the right reasons. It is great to eat local, sustainable food, to strive for sustainable energy (which I would argue fossil fuels can be a part of), and to generally do things for work that sustain you and your family over a realistic period of time. In other words, don’t do silly things like become a telephone sanitizer for a living, use leaves from trees for currency (actually our economic system is much worse than that), fly to Italy in your private jet when you’re in the mood for fine Italian cuisine, or eat less and less calories as you increase your exercise in pursuit of that perfect figure.

The U.N. Agenda 21 documents have described the following as “unsustainable:”

“Ski runs, grazing of livestock, plowing of soil, building fences, industry, single family homes, paved and tarred roads, logging activities, dams and reservoirs, power line construction, and economic systems that fail to set proper value on the environment.” -UN’s Biodiversity Assessment Report (originally dug up by

unsustainable united nations cows grass fed pasteur  new world order agenda 21 paleo vegan vegetarian

What a bright, wonderful, and sustainable future we’re headed towards! It’s all fun from here on out, kids!

Seriously, though, you need to pay attention to how people use language to influence you. I swear, there is always something new being called “unsustainable.” I have even been saying it a lot, in serious conversation, as well as in jest! It will always sound positive to call something “sustainable” and negative to say it’s “unsustainable.” Since it’s a buzz word, these labels catch on pretty fast. The demagogues susceptible to this term are actually people with good intentions, like health-conscious or environmentally active individuals. There is definitely a sustainable balance that can be struck in our struggle towards sustainability. A good rule of thumb when using or hearing the term in question is to check the source. When coming from a local rancher, farmer, or small business, the term is most likely being used correctly, but if it is a major news source, corporation, or especially the government, they have an agenda that is manipulative, deceptive, and/or most likely oppressive.

THIS JUST IN: Anti-Black Friday Movements Gain Traction With Patagonia Clothing Swap


So now consumerism is unsustainable. I would tend to agree that the manufacture of basically plastic clothing that gets used and thrown away, only to degrade in an imperfect and polluting way into the landfills and ultimately the oceans, is not very nice for the environment. In fact, I wish all clothes were required to be made from natural, organic sources. I would even venture to say as a Christian that binge shopping, especially when you’re not using hard-earned cash and just racking up debt you can’t afford on your credit card, is not wise or healthy. However, consumerism is not the problem. Humans will always consume, trade, and barter, and in our imperfect society disconnected from nature, the beneficial existence of a middle class is completely contingent on the freedom of trade. In fact, a free market economy is just about the best charity the poor ever received in history.

How monk-like these well-meaning trendies are who insist on protesting the purchase. I’m a little bit suspicious that they’re just poor from student loans that they can’t pay off, because they haven’t been able to get a job using the degree they invested in whose payment in turn relied upon the effectual use of said investment. Talk about something that’s unsustainable!

“You’re getting too many degrees.” That’s the name of my sustainability-conscious article.

What Superfood Is Next?

I don’t have to tell you avocados are good for you, or even link to any other articles talking about their benefits. I also don’t have to tell you that they’re delicious and satisfying if you’re smart enough to have tried one by now. I think they (the globalists, corporations, mainstream media, and governments pushing these ideas) know that these things are making people healthier and happier. Grass-fed beef I’d believe in a heartbeat that they’d demonize, but I never thought they’d go after avocados. They’re an excellent source of calories, and even vegans eat them. They probably eat a whole ton of them, because there are very few sources of calorie-dense food that are raw and plant based.

Perhaps we’ll see more of this trend of attacking even universally agreed-upon healthy foods soon. Even things that are apparently environmentally friendly are no longer safe. As long as it feeds your body in some substantive way, it could someday be in the crosshairs. In fact, I wouldn’t put it past the scientific elite to attack every single food that you eat except for corn and soy. Yes sir, the big two. In fact, according to Interstellar’s prophecy, one day, corn could end up being all we eat.

Until then, ignore this propaganda. Treat yourself to an avocado at every meal. That is, if you can afford them. Whenever I throw away an avocado because it’s rotten, I often envision a $2 bill mockingly feathering to the bottom of the rubbish bin. Meanwhile, my heart drops, like the avocado plummeting to the bottom of the can—with a thud.

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  1. As an avocadophile I found this article very interesting but the idea of GM avocados is extremely disturbing. I don’t know what the situation re. GM foods is in the States but here in Ireland & the rest of Europe their use/research/import is very limited. The average European simply doesn’t want them. While we in Ireland are certainly not short of water, we lack the sunshine required to ripen the fruit (although I have grown them in a sunny greenhouse with great results) and most are imported from Spain & Italy.

    By the same token, corn & soy are hardly grown here so we’ll probably go hungry if Interstellar’s prophesy turns out to be true.

    There are plenty of things you can do with an over-ripe avocado, by the way; I even make wine from carrot peelings! It’s light and slightly fizzy with a kick like the proverbial mule!

  2. Haha, thanks for your comment, Kate! Oh, trust me, I was being completely sardonic when I sounded excited about a GM avocado. Perish the thought! I hate GMO. I wish that we had no corn/soy in America like in Ireland. Nice reference to Interstellar—though, I think the concept of eating only corn is ridiculous. You need more fat and protein than that to live.

    Anyway, those crops are useless. Corn probably would have been okay if they had never GMed it, but they did and infected almost every crop in America with their diseased strain. Now that’s spreading around other countries, too. Also, it’s cool to know that you can grow avocados locally. If you’re a “local-only” eater here in Maryland, USA, you won’t find any avocados. I can’t live without them.

    • So do we! Trust me, I’m saying eat as many as you want! This stuff from National Geographic is UN propaganda. They want you to “act locally, think globally.”

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