REVIEW AOBiome AO+ Spray: Introducing Probiotics for Your Skin

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Our body has a Microbiome (capital M for the whole body) that needs balance—a microbiome in every system, every organ, and every orifice. It’s a very fun, messy, sticky, and sweaty situation all around. However, it’s gotten very ugly since the Industrial Revolution (perhaps even the Agricultural Revolution). Considering we’re made of 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells, this doesn’t bode well for the host (the part of ourselves we tend to identify with a little bit more).

So, I recommend that you as the host start trying to find ways to replenish your gut bacteria. You’ve probably already started to eat yogurt (which I don’t recommend)—or even better, sauerkraut, and you might even take a good-quality probiotic. (I personally use Dr. Mercola’s probiotics, by the way.) However, I might ask you the question: Have you been neglecting your skin?

Last time I checked, the skin was the largest organ in (on) your body. And, as you may know, the microbiome of the skin is incredibly important to its health. Some of the worst ways (which have been condoned and encouraged in modern life) to offend your skin microbiome are:

  1. Use antibacterial soap
  2. Use hand sanitizers
  3. Swim in chlorinated water
  4. Wash your hands in tap (chlorinated) water
  5. Use beauty products and colognes unscrupulously
  6. Shower in chlorinated (tap) water (and even worse… too often)

Don’t pretend you don’t do any of this stuff. We all have enjoyed these lovely practices of pampering ourselves, because we all have been brainwashed into believing that “cleanliness is godliness.” I remember getting extremely excited about the prospect of swimming in a pool. I didn’t even mind the rashes, flaking, dryness, and red eyes I used to get from receiving this acceptable dose of poison onto the beautiful superorganism that was yours truly.

People: STOP BATHING IN CHLORINATED WATER. You are destroying a beautiful gift!

Getting off my (preferably empty) soap box for a moment, let’s talk about how we can undo some of the damage that we’ve done to our delicate ecosystem. Besides wallowing in dirt, lying on my unsprayed (glyphosate- and insecticide-free… hopefully) lawn, and petting my dogs often, I hadn’t found a safe source of fresh and balanced bacteria for my skin. Even if the outdoors generally provides a good balance of beneficial bacteria for our flesh, it is pretty much a given that environmental pollution, especially Round Up (from our favorite evil corporation, Monsanto), has corrupted the microbial balance in the environment. So, we need to sway the forces of good in our favor and concentrate good bacteria that is known to have good effects.

aobiome ao+ spray probiotic review paleo video skin mist

AOBiome has released the first product attempting a solution! They have created a skin probiotic spray called AO+. The AO is referencing the type of bacteria they’ve isolated for it, which is ammonia-oxidizing bacteria. After a great deal of research, they honed in on this specific effect they sought to achieve with their featured bacteria, as modern life, as we covered above, has lent to a depletion of this essential effect of certain positive dermal bacteria. Also, they have honed in on Nitrosomonas, a bacteria that historicaly colonized human skin. These bacteria are beneficial, because they promote the regulation and formation of nitric oxide (NO), which is essential for the healthy function of your largest organ.

We were even able to give it a try! Let me tell you, it is definitely not bad for your skin. It has quite the opposite effect that every skin treatment, moisturizer, and lotion I’ve ever used has had. My skin does not dry out or anything like that after using it. I truly believe it does what it says, and I would venture to say that the more you used it (following the daily recommended amount on the bottle), the healthier your skin would be. I even reviewed it live, so that you can see what it’s like and how it works! Take a gander at the new frontier of topical probiotics:

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  1. People know intuitively that beneficial bacteria are healthy; otherwise, why would spas have been using clay and mudpacks on their clients’ skin in so many cultures?

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