Round Ligament Pain and Eating Fruit (More Carbs), Pregnancy Vlog: 23 Weeks 2nd Trimester

Experiencing Round Ligament Pain, Pregnancy Vlog: 23 Weeks 2nd Trimester
Here is my update from week 23 of pregnancy! I did not even realize at first that what I craved during this week matched the size of our baby! It’s not chocolate mint ice cream or candy. It’s mangoes, which I had one or two of this week. They’re not something I typically eat though, especially since I stay away from fructose as much as possible. That really has done nothing but good! Avoiding fructose by not eating fruits every morning like I did in the past has curbed my appetite for all sweets in general.

However, the body somehow speaks to pregnant women on what they and the baby need as far as nutrients go by introducing cravings. Many women go for potato chips right away, but it’s the actual carbs or fat they need to be eating from those chips, not necessarily from that bag of Lay’s! I knew that I needed a bit more carbs and sugars than usual, so I went with my gut and ate a minimal amount from good sources to satisfy the urge. That also means I’m eating more rice than usual. I’m officially on a moderate carb diet (130 to 225 g) instead of my usual low-carb diet (50 to 130 g), but I’m still far lower than the standard American diet (300+ g).

I’m getting my carbs from the typical safe and clean sources for this moderate carb excursion. I did however go on a potato chip binge in my first trimester. Of course, they were all non-GMO and cooked in olive oil or lard! A farm we buy from in PA makes them and sells them fresh in a HUGE bag! Boy, were they delicious. You have to be disciplined enough though, so you don’t go too crazy on carbs.

Anyway, my only difficult symptom in my 23rd week was round ligament pain. In pregnancy, you might experience this as a normal part of the stretching your uterus goes through as it expands. It’s felt in front of your womb towards the groin. Your “belly” is going to have to expand eventually with that baby growing inside of you, so this discomfort isn’t something you can avoid with any type of diet or exercise!

I don’t recommend grabbing those pain killers, however. You don’t want to introduce anything that may potentially harm your child. This kind of pain is a natural part of life. Thankfully, round ligament pain generally lasts a few minutes. For me, it must’ve lasted an hour or two, but it wasn’t the end of the world. For more info on round ligament pain, WebMD has good concise info.

You can watch me below rambling about my 23rd week:

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