Surviving Online Shopping Without Compromising Standards

How to Save Money Shopping Online Without Compromising Your Standards

How to Save Money Shopping Online Without Compromising Your Standards

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As naturalists, we at Modern Life Survivalist like to keep from buying too many things, especially from big retail stores, for health, safety, and simplicity. When we do buy things, they are carefully selected to fit our standards and lifestyle. Almost always, these things are not cheap, and rightfully so as they are quality made or manufactured locally.

There are some things we can’t get local however, and for those we have to scour the Web for them. We often find ourselves looking for specific products low in chemicals/VOCs, sometimes used and off gassed, or MCS-friendly—that’s just a few of our odd requirements. Just because we generally stay away from big retail stores like Walmart, there are some items we make an exception for and regress to the brick-and-mortar age to get. Carter’s for example is a brand I mostly use for our baby girl, because most of their clothes are made of 100% cotton, and whatever chemicals they use to make them are easily washed off after 1-2 washings. Not being able to completely shun the commercial world, we’ve come up with some great tips on how to save some money without compromising our standards:

  1.  If you already have an item in mind and are committed to, search the Web for coupons first before purchasing. Look for websites that allow members to upvote or downvote certain coupons for their accuracy, such as availability/expiration, so you don’t waste your time plugging in every coupon you try.
  2. If you regularly buy from certain trustworthy brands, sign up for their newsletters so you do not miss out on specials and deals they have, including free shipping. Times to pay close attention to are days leading up to a holiday and even right after. Cyber Monday after Black Friday is especially for online-only deals.
  3. In addition to newsletters, brands will sometimes try to entice visitors to fan their Facebook pages for a special fan-only coupon. Once you like a Facebook page, a hidden tab will sometimes appear to reveal this coupon. Not all companies do this, but keep an eye out for it.
  4. Stores such as Amazon and Bulletproof Executive have a “Subscribe and Save” feature that will allow you to get your regularly bought items a bit cheaper if you’re willing to receive them every month or so. This might be worth it if you buy your groceries and other staples online. Yearly memberships to Amazon Prime will help with cutting down costs on shipping, depending on how much and how frequently you actually buy.
  5. Many websites will have a clearance section just like in the stores. It’s nice to find something you either want to try or already use on clearance, so it’s worth checking there first. Of course, you have to consider that there is a reason these products are on clearance…
  6. Search on Craigslist or Facebook local online yard sale buy/sell groups that sell used items. The best thing about this is that you can easily check out the item in person first before deciding to buy, which many people will happily let you do. If you are chemically/mold sensitive, this is a must. You can’t do this on eBay. Many times we have ended up ordering musty smelling cloth diapers and clothes that had way too much strong detergent in them, and of course we didn’t find out until they arrived at our house.
  7. If you need to buy brand new, invest in organic cleaners or detergents. The best thing to do is to learn how to use homemade cleaners made of safe materials that you don’t even need to worry about ingesting. We like to use lots of hydrogen peroxide (up to a cup per wash) when processing brand new clothing in the laundry.
  8. There are good brands and places that we might not have otherwised discovered if not for samples, trial periods, and Groupon! Speaking of finding coupons, Groupon Coupons exist to get deals on top of deals, which is really awesome. As health conscious people, we could use Groupon to find local farm-to-table restuarants, yoga and Cross Fit gyms, holistic spa and massage places/practices, new healthy products, and much more. You can find Groupon Coupons on Facebook as well.

Some examples of Groupon Coupons:

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