Social Network Censorship: Free Speech Not Allowed for Possible Ebola Cure

Have you been censored by social networks from talking about “disallowed” topics? Has your password been reset, comments blocked, pictures and texts deleted due to such censorship? Please tweet us at @mlsurvivalist or email info at with your story including screenshots if available! Please spread the word. It’s been happening all across the web. Information is vital and should be free, whether right or wrong!

One such instance of web censorship involves the mention of natural cure or treatment for Ebola on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Comments or posts containing such talk were quickly censored through deletion. Instagram, for example, forbid such text to be published on their platform through auto deletion and or prevention through an error message. See below.



Below is a screenshot of the forum post where I first discovered such censorship. One of my very own comments on that thread was also deleted for reasons unknown. Of course, I was one of the more outspoken individuals who disliked censorship.


obola ebola censorship instagram vinted social network web

To see more screen caps of deleted or compromised social accounts, watch the video below for a quick compilation. If you have have been a victim yourself, please contact us and send us your screenshots or write a comment below.

Thank you to all who contributed to share their stories and screenshots of social network censorship! Thank you for being outspoken and brave. We are in this fight for free speech together! If they take away certain topics from us, then they can take away everything else. We must not allow authorities to silence us especially when it really counts, whether they be in the form of Google, Facebook, Instagram, or the government.

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