Use A Resistance Band for Stretching—Not Just for Strength Training!

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There are many ways resistance bands can be used during exercise, and the most common way is for strength exercise. We all should be aware that stretching is just as important as, if not more important than strength training. Stretching before and after exercising or even as your entire workout (as in gentle yoga) prevents injury and promotes better blood flow. There is a lot of evidence suggesting that regular stretching creates a more enduring body that will last longer than your stressed out, stretch-free peers.

Besides for strengthening biceps, triceps, deltoids, and pectorals, feel free to use your band for stretching! Be creative and have fun with this!

Hamstring Stretch: Instead of holding the handles with my hands, I slipped my foot on each handle bar and grabbed the center of the band with my hands. You can do this on your back or seated. Just keep pulling the band away from your legs, enough to feel a good tug on your hamstrings. Try lowering one leg at a time or both legs at the same time.

What Flexibility Does: Creating flexibility in the body helps it deliver oxygen in and out of your cells more efficiently, maintaining youth as long as it possibly can. Knowing this, take the time to engage in meditative exercises like yoga, Tai Chi, and the more anaerobic parts of Pilates (e.g., core training). Too much aerobic exercise, especially for women imbalances hormones by creating more cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol is not your friend, because it is partially responsible for premature aging.

I used DynaPro Direct for my resistance band in the photos above. It is a great tool that’s very sturdy. My new band feels like it’s going to last me a good number of years. It’s good to have a few bands of different resistance at home. That’s all the gym that you need if you’re stuck at home on a snowy day!
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