What is Paleo (The Basics)?

what is paleo? the basics

For the above video, I was asked to explain what the Paleo diet was to an audience of mostly females who knew nothing about it and wanted to lose weight by trying something new. My household’s diet is very similar to the Paleo diet, but we also adhere to Weston A. Price standards, which focuses more on modern but remote communities’ diets. We also rely heavily on principles of the Bulletproof diet, which involves “biohacking” and foods that specifically avoid mold. This is important to us, because mold is what we believe particularly compromised our health. In a way, the WAP  and Bulletproof diets are a lot more accessible to people, though harder in some respects.

Paleo, although a sound diet overall, is a bit too commercialized in my opinion, and newcomers can easily get sidetracked and fool themselves into eating Paleo when they are really just eating processed “Paleo” products. Kind of like when people go “gluten-free” and start to just chow down on gluten-free brownies and packaged dessert replacements that are often even worse and more processed.

I must add, also, if I didn’t cover it in the video, that people tend to eat too much fruit, too much protein, and not enough fat on a Paleo diet. This is where Bulletproof and WAP really get things right. They emphasize moderation in carbs (doubly so when trying to lose weight) and the proper amount of healthy fats (and “healthy” doesn’t mean non-animal fats—we eat tons of butter, and cook in mostly tallow). We’ve frankly been astounded and amazed at the sheer amount of fat we can consume without gaining any weight, or worrying about cholesterol problems and high blood pressure. There is science explaining this, but we’ve covered this in another post.

In this video, I talk about the basics of the Paleo diet:

  • What the Paleo diet is vs. the modern-day diet
  • Why go on a Paleo diet
  • What you eat on a Paleo diet
  • What I like to cook or make on a Paleo diet
  • Whether you can eat out on a Paleo diet

Although we have dabbled in some Paleo products, we generally stay away from anything processed too much. Obviously, things like coconut oil, olive oil, and sausage go through mechanical (or hand) processing. But it really shouldn’t be part of the Paleo diet if it goes through chemical processing.

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