Wife Relating to Husband’s Mold, MCS, EMF Sensitivities

Wife relating to husband's mold, MCS multiple chemical, and electromagnetic emf sensitivity

Disregarding the risk of looking like crap online, I took this video early in the morning to tell you how it is being the wife of a mold, MCS, and EMF sensitive husband.

MCS stands for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which is a common but not very well understood disorder that probably affects about 70% of the population, in various degrees, due to the increased usage of chemicals in today’s world.

EMF on the other hand is short for electromagnetic frequency, and this can be broadly classified into two groups as ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation’s dangers are well covered in the media, including the likes of the Fukushima power plant incident. The health effects of non-ionizing radiation, however, which has been considered “safe” in the form of cellphones, microwave, and wireless devices are not so well funded and researched, perhaps due to conflicting commercial interests. My husband is highly sensitive to these devices and cannot be near them for extended periods of time.

Mold is everywhere, but black mold (stachybotrys) in particular is what my husband is sensitive to. What he has, along with other people who suffer from mold illness, is more than just an allergic reaction. In the video below, I will tell you how we believe mold in our old home caused all the other sensitives I mentioned above to appear. The levels of mold have been so bad in our life that even a generally very healthy person like myself, unlike my husband, with no history of allergies or food sensitivities, developed unusual physical symptoms.

In this video, I had just woken up with very little sleep after moving from room to room at our friend’s house to accommodate my husband’s needs when he couldn’t sleep. Makeup was not on point that day, but this message needed to be sent out! I’ve been wanting to document our struggles for awhile now, and I know I must do it for my husband and for the others in the same situation out there.

In the next videos, I will tell you more about the places we stayed in temporarily and our journey to finding and/or building temporarily shelter. For now, this video will just give you a brief background of my unique understanding of my husband’s continuing illness because of what I’ve experienced myself, though short lived, in an environment loaded with mold.

I am here to tell you that people who claim to have these unusual but surprisingly very common sensitivities are not crazy and that their claims are not just “all in their heads.” Just like most things, it takes someone very healthy to experience something themselves to fully believe the claims of the sick, especially when there is conflicting information out there. Sound scientific information supporting these sensitivities however is out there, and I hope to personally provide you with a regular anecdote of our experiences.

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  1. All of this happened to me. It’s isolating because disbelieve you, to your face, or suggest that the root cause is mental health. The solution I found was to live in a new building. Yes, for seven months I couldn’t live here because it was too new. But I got an air purifier (blueair) and that helped and now it’s good. Only some companies build healthy apartments — perhaps do some research first. A flat off the ground floor tends to be wise. Also, stay away from diagnostic radiation! This set me back by years. Good luck.

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